Friday, October 16, 2009

CAR SHIPPING, What is Your Peace of Mind Worth?

Because there are HUGE differences in services when shipping your car (whether cross country, state to state, or internationally)...know what you get for the price difference.

1. Terminal drop and pick up
Service includes: Gives you exact day drop off, but the transport time can be as much as 4x longer than door to door shipping. Trucks will pick up from terminals when they have a full load. You, as the customer loses control. Liability is also a concern as you will need to know who covers damage, while the car is at a terminal.

2. Door to Door Shipment
Service includes: Choose a company that employs someone (broker/agent) which stays with the order from start to finish. They will ensure the logistics are handled, making this the BEST and ONLY option. Brokers that bid the job, or computer generated bids are going to net equal service. You will not a have a person to manage the variables of the shipment.

Your peace of mind is worth $100-$400. on who handles the shipment of your vehicle. This is an average on the price difference.

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Friday, October 2, 2009

Tips to Save Gas

The following is a list of gas saving tips I saw on the website You will have to check out their website for a more detailed explanation of each tip. These are just a few ways to save gas in this economy:

1.Fill your tank at the coolest time of day.

2.Try not to stomp on the gas anymore than you need to.

3.Likewise, try not to slam on your brakes.

4.Plan your route to avoid traffic jams.

5.Keep your tires properly inflated.

6.When filling your tank, do not use the max pressure on the nozzle.

7.Lighten up and don’t haul anything you don’t absolutely need, around with you.

8.Keep your speed under 65mph.

9.Use cruise control on the highway.

10.Keep your air filter and fuel filter changed.

Every little bit helps.

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