Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Transporting Overseas?

When we think of transportation, we generally think of the trucks that run back and forth on the highways.  There are actually multiple ways to get things from point A to point B: trucks, boats, rail, and air.  It is quite important to understand all of the criteria that go into transferring overseas.  Once you have contracted with the household goods moving company, the next step would be to start car shipping process. 
First, you will need to do your research and locate an auto transport company to handle all of the logistics of shipping your vehicle.  It is best to have only about a ¼ of a tank of gas before loading onto the ocean carrier and a fairly clean vehicle.  This is for your benefit because when you and the driver walk around to inspect the vehicle, any scratches or markings can be documented.  Once everything is booked and ready for transport, make sure that you retain your booking number from the port that the vehicle will be shipped out of.

Next, be sure that all documentation is perfect and is at the port ahead of time before the car arrives.  The auto carrier should be able to communicate with the port authorities so that they can make sure that that paperwork you submitted is correct.  Once the vehicle is in route to the port, make sure to collect your copy of the B.O.L. from the car transporter and the ocean carrier.  A B.O.L. is the sheet that is filled out before and after the vehicle is transported that denotes any damages from the transport. 

If you follow these few steps and use a quality auto transport broker, your vehicle transport will be a piece of cake.


A More in Depth Understanding of Transit Time

So that everyone is on the same page of what “transit time” really is, let’s take a closer look.  By understanding this, it can reduce confusion by both parties involved in the car shipping process.  We know that you need or want you vehicle as quickly as possible and we strive to give you that service, but there are elements that can increase the time that it takes to get your car to you.  Just think, when you drive across the country, there are many factors that might hold you up like weather, traffic, food and sleep.  Well, by sharing the truck with other customers’ vehicles, it does dramatically reduce the cost of the vehicle transport for each customer.  So with that said, the driver has to stop at each location on the way to you so that he can deliver the vehicles.  

Timing is one of the most important things to the driver, so he will do his best to be as punctual as possible.  The time of car transportation can largely be effected by the auto transport company that you hired to ship your vehicle.  If you went with that low ball quote it’s because they wanted to lock you in with all of the promises and then either take forever to deliver the vehicle or end up calling you back and telling you that the price is going to be higher.  Each spot on the truck represents a dollar value that must be met in order to pay for the fuel and labor expense.  This is one factor that is the most important to remember when shipping cars.  If you are looking for the cheapest price to ship your car from coast to coast, you are going to have a longer transit time and/or the cheapest service.
For all of your auto shipping and car transporter needs, call N-Motion Auto Transport today for hassle free car shipping prices!


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Why are Online Transport Reviews so Important?

First off, selecting the right auto transport company is key to getting your vehicle from point A to point B in a safe and economic manner.  Online transport reviews do not cost anything, but are very vital to the selection process.  If you are currently relocating to a different city, switching occupations, or taking a vacation, the online testimonials of reliable auto transport companies can save you money and time.  With the multitude of car transportation companies out there offering their services, we highly recommend that everyone does their homework before booking with a specific company.  By reading these reviews, you are getting a sneak peak at how professional and customer service oriented all of the different companies are.

Three main issues arise when reading the reviews online.  Look for the reviews discussing the auto shipping rates offered by the companies.  These rates are the basis on the protection of the vehicle and the quality of service provided.  If the rates are too low, then the vehicle might just sit there for a while before it can get picked up at such a low price.  Also, too low of rates basically means that the service you will be getting might not really even exist.  The old saying comes to mind, “You pay for what you get” and in the service industry, that saying couldn’t be truer.  If it is priced correctly, then the transit time will be far better and quality of service will be worth every penny.  I mean, a vehicle is the second largest purchase in an average person’s life, so that vehicle needs to be totally protected.  Second, look for other people’s opinions and past problems they might have encountered with shipping cars.  If any red flags are shown, you will know what to be aware of prior to the shipment of your vehicle.  Lastly, look at the amount of reviews for each company.  This can help you narrow your search and see if they are just fly by companies or ones that are here to stay.  

For all of your exotic car transport needs and/or to find dependable auto shippers, call N-Motion Auto Transport today for free car shipping prices.


International Car Theft Export Ring Busted

There has been a large number of exporting going on in the United States as of lately and much has to do with the inflated vehicle prices around the world.  It is cheaper to purchase a vehicle in the US and pay all of the import/export fees rather than purchase the vehicle in your own country.  Well, it seems some think that it’s even CHEAPER to just steal the vehicles and throw them on the boat to ship to the buyers, rather than take the proper steps through customs.  Not so fast, thieves!!  Law enforcement agencies, both federal and state, have announced the breakup of one of the larger car theft export rings.  Several people have been charged with the theft of a multitude of vehicles in the NY and NJ area, and exporting them to Africa from the area’s seaports.
20 federal, state and local agencies announced the arrests of 11 of the 19 persons who are charged with the theft of the several high value automobiles.  The buyers of these vehicles were willing to pay a much higher ticket than what market value suggests, but bad news hits the shores of Africa instead of the boat loads of vehicles.  There are many ill effects of these types of operations, including but not limited to crime, carjackings and robberies.  When something is done illegally, our safety and quality of life diminish along the way. 

Our economy, in many ways, is also negatively impacted as well through situations like these.  For example, not only are our citizens deprived of their personal property, but theft patterns in specific areas will result in higher insurance premiums for residents within that area.  Considering that majority of the vehicles are taken by gang members, gangs are thriving in this market.  By cracking down on their sources of income, we in return gain a favorable advantage.

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Friday, May 25, 2012

What is a Car Shipping Broker?

In the car shipping industry, there are a couple types of vehicle transport companies: auto brokers and car carriers.  Auto carriers are the asset based companies (the trucks themselves), and if you choose to deal directly with a carrier you have to be extremely careful about what price they initially offer and the timeline in which you are given.  Carriers tend to raise the price on specific routes and often take longer than needed to complete the vehicle shipment.  They are also limited to certain routes and times needed to make prompt deliveries.  If there are only a few trucks within their fleet, the auto carrier cannot be in many places at a time.  So, in short, it may be weeks before they can accommodate you automobile transport.  Another typical issue with dealing directly with a carrier is the communication barrier because drivers aren’t the most prompt with answering or returning phone calls while driving.

Car shipping brokerages are great for customer service.  They keep the prices where they need to be so that customers are getting the best bang for their buck.  They have access to a multitude of carriers that they have special relationships with, the nation over.  The car shipping broker will also handle all of the paperwork and money for you, so that you only have to deal with your specific agent and not several different people.  The broker then pays the carrier contracted to deliver the vehicle and then all is well because the broker is then in control of the driver.  Car shipping brokers do extensive research on each and every carrier used to make informed decisions on which carrier to use.  They match up insurance cargo policies to ensure the customer that the vehicle will be fully covered for its entire value.  The broker is the happy medium between the customer and the drivers so there are no hiccups along the way and all headaches are relieved. 

Also, car shipping brokerages will give you the much needed information for your specific needs.  Transport can be a scary world and brokers are only here to help get the job done in the most efficient and hassle-free manner.  N-Motion Auto Transport is a little different than all of the other fish in the sea.  You can literally call any time of day and speak with a live person.  Let’s face it, the customer service industry is getting worse every day because of all the bad apples out there, but rest assured, N-Motion is taking a leap in the positive direction by changing both industries for the best.  


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Tesla Model S Coming Soon

Elon Musk has been busy on all ends of the spectrum.  First, SpaceX (his company) launched a rocket into space to aid the International Space Station with a resupply of goods.  Then, his other company has scheduled the delivery of Tesla’s first sedan.  Many saw this to be an improbability, even more so than the whole rocket idea, but you know Musk.  You must have reservation to purchase this vehicle on June 22, although the details on actually receiving the car are a little bland at the moment.  Not very often are manufaturers on time or even ahead of schedule for that matter, but it’s looking like Tesla might be ahead of that curve. 

Ever heard of Tesla Fashion Island?  Me either, but apparently it hosted four Model S Beta testers at a signature event on the island a few weeks ago.  It seems that there will be a couple more venues that will host the revealing of the new Model S, including White Plains, NY and five different Canadian cities.

A new technology that was integrated into the new Tesla is “Regen,” which is a regenerative braking system that slows the car when the accelerator is released.  The Wow Factor keeps increasing with this bad boy and word of steering resistance and ride height were also mentioned.  Could you get anymore customizable?  Probably, but what a great way to start things off. 

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Friday, May 18, 2012

We Cater to Dealerships

We cater to dealerships, as well as their customers, offering fast and economical delivery.

  • Every year we work with New Car Managers at Dealerships nationwide handling thousands of transports for Dealer to Dealer trades.
  • We work with hundreds of Preowned Managers, assisting them in transporting wholesale units or picking up newly purchased vehicles at auctions around the country.
  • We also work with Fleet, Leasing and Internet Managers who utilize sources such as Auto Trader and eBay, providing the very best door to door customer service utilizing both Open and Enclosed Trailers for transporting the very finest in Luxury Imports and Exotic Automobiles.
Our professionals handle all of the communications directly with customers.

N-Motion Auto Transport is one of the most trusted vehicle transport companies in the automotive transportation industry.

How did we get to where we are today? By listening to our customers, defining their needs, and customizing our auto transport programs. N-Motion Auto Transport has made moving any vehicle simple. N-Motion Auto Transport can ship your car or vehicle to practically any location, nationwide.

For all of your dealership auto transport and auto transport needs, call N-Motion Auto Transport today for hassle free auto shipping rates!


Monday, May 14, 2012

Dependable Auto Shippers

Why choose N-Motion Auto Transport?

-- Account Manager
A dedicated account manager will be assigned to help track your vehicle the entire way

-- No deposit required
Most companies will lock you into long term contracts, and will be unsuccessful in getting your car picked up.

-- Fully Enclosed
Nationwide and International vehicle transport carriers available upon request 

-- Fully Insured
Most companies will only insure the first 500 dollars

-- Quick Door to Door Pickups
Only Terminal based shippers can guarantee pickup dates. Beware.

We have the experience to ensure that your delivery requirements are dealt with in a professional manner. N-Motion Auto Transport is used by private individuals, car dealers, car brokers and leasing companies. At N-Motion Auto Transport, we work hard to move your car by helping to ensure that you have dependable auto shippers that can fulfill your car transportation requirements with the best price, lead time and service. Our services prior to transport is free and by working with a range of affiliated partners throughout the US, Canada, UK and Europe, we are able to offer a greater range of vehicle shipping services and transport options than most other auto transport companies could provide...

To make things as easy as possible, when you submit your Transportation requirements to us, we I will transport with our trucks or utilize affiliated transport companies that are best able to satisfy your delivery requirements. Our affiliated Car Transport Companies run just a few dedicated lanes and are very efficient and good at these specific routes.

Our advanced logistics processes ensures we will earn your business and maintain satisfied customers by providing optimum prices, on only the best service for your car moving whether single units or volumes of a hundred plus.

For all of your auto shipping and car transporter needs, call N-Motion Auto Transport today for hassle free car shipping prices!


Exotic Car Transport

N-Motion Auto Transport knows your exotic car is important to you, and while it is being transported, it is important to us. Having peace of mind while your exotic car is being transported is N-Motion Auto Transport's goal. We know there are different choices in transportation and N-Motion Auto Transport has your best interest in mind.

Complete Protection

With N-Motion Auto Transport's enclosed auto transport, your vehicle is completely protected. You will not have to worry about dust, weather (hail), rocks or debris from the road. Our trucks are equipped with a special lift gate for loading your exotic automobile. This is important for low profile vehicles such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche and Corvettes. Once your exotic car is loaded, it will stay on the same truck until it is delivered. Our drivers know the importance of care, and are trained to look after your vehicle as if it were their own. From coast to coast, N-Motion Auto Transport will provide transport and support. For exotic and classic transportation, enclosed transportation is the only way to go.

Your vehicle is insured while it is being transported in our enclosed trucks. Each of our car transport trucks and trailers are protected by cargo insurance for our customers' automobiles. When you choose N-Motion Auto Transport, you can expect extreme care of your vehicle and the ultimate in professionalism and customer service at a fair price. We look forward to answering your questions and helping you with your auto transport. Please take a moment and let us show you why we are the right choice for you.
Don't hesitate to request a free auto transport quote.

For all of your enclosed car shipping and auto transport needs, call N-Motion Auto Transport today for hassle free auto shipping rates!


Friday, May 11, 2012

Getting Bombard with Auto Transport Quotes?

Have you ever submitted an inquiry to get an auto quote from a company that says they will give you multiple quotes within minutes?  Well, the truth behind that business is that you get BOMBARDED with calls and emails that aren't necessarily accurate quotes.  They want to lock you in so that you feel like you are getting the best deal out there and then they turn around and tell you it is going to cost more money. Now you can see why it is better to go directly to a dedicated website to get a quote, such as  We here at N-Motion Auto Transport treat each and every customer with the utmost respect.  We want you to feel right at home with our professional service and assure you that you are more than just another customer to us. Our quotes are very accurate and timely so that you won't have to go around comparing prices, although we do encourage everyone to do their research.  It is a fairly scandalous industry and there are many bad apples out there to watch out for, but if you are looking for a company that will walk hand-in-hand with you throughout the entire process, look no further!  Even if you don't choose to go with us to transport your vehicle, we are here 7 days a week to answer any questions that you might have.  

For all of your auto shipping and car transporter needs, call N-Motion Auto Transport today for hassle free car shipping prices!


Inoperative Vehicle Transport

What if my vehicle won't start or is broken down? Can a non-operative or inoperative vehicle be transported? A non running vehicle can be transported; however, additional charges will apply. In order to provide you with correct information, we will need to know the true condition of the vehicle. For example, it is important that a non operating vehicle rolls forward and in reverse, steers and brakes. Vehicles that do not meet this criterion can still be moved, however, may require special equipment for loading. N-Motion Auto Transport will move cars for insurance companies, insurance recovery, auto auctions and salvage auctions, including both running and non-running cars and trucks.

Our drivers will take the utmost care in loading and unloading non operational vehicles. If the vehicle will not roll, steer or brake, such as a chassis, a forklift may have to be used. Damages, if incurred during the loading and unloading, are not transport damage and therefore, non operational vehicles are shipped at the owner's risk.

For all of your inoperative vehicle transport and car transport needs, call N-Motion Auto Transport today for hassle free auto transport rates!


Auto Shipping to Hawaii

Vehicle Shipping between the Mainland and Hawaii has never been so easy. When shipping from any of the continental U.S. states to Hawaii, N-Motion Auto Transport will pick your vehicle up from your location and bring it to the port in California. When shipping from Hawaii to any of the continental U.S. states, N-Motion Auto Transport will pick your vehicle up at the port in California. and delivery it to your location.

N-Motion Auto Transport arranges for the right carrier to haul or load your vehicle and will proudly arrange the transport of your vehicle. We cover all 48 Continental U.S. States and Hawaii. N-Motion Auto Transport will ship your personal auto, truck or SUV, Minivan safely and securely to Hawaii. We offer bi-weekly service between the US West Coast and Honolulu, Kahului, and Hilo Hawaii. A variety of shipping options are available to meet your individual needs.

N-Motion Auto Transport will we help you arrange your vehicle shipment in a closed container. Full enclosure protects vehicles from environmental damage caused by salt, dust, sand and industrial contaminants.
Below is a list that will make shipping your vehicle to/from Hawaii easier.

Required items upon delivery of your vehicle:
• Keys
You must provide N-Motion Auto Transport with keys to the ignition, trunk, gas cap and any locked compartment. Please have copies of your keys made and leave only the copies (keep your original set of keys) after you have checked to ensure that the copies fit all devices/compartments.

 Original Vehicle Registration and Title
N-Motion Auto Transport will need a copy of the title and registration.

 Creditor/Lessor notarized statement
If your vehicle is currently financed or leased, bring a notarized statement from your creditor or lessor that the creditor or lessor is aware your vehicle is being shipped.

 Non-Owner of vehicle
If the person shipping/receiving the vehicle is other than the owner, N-Motion Auto Transport requires a notarized letter of authorization from the owner.

 Photo ID
In order to pick up the car, you (or anyone you designate) must furnish a photo ID.

 For Vehicles shipped from Hawaii
If you are shipping your vehicle from Hawaii and there is co-ownership of the vehicle, both owners must be present when vehicle is delivered to N-Motion Auto Transport. If only one owner is present, a notarized letter is required from the absent co-owner authorizing the shipment.

 Delayed Shipments
All vehicles are subject to delayed shipment in the event of a full ship environment and could be assigned to a ship leaving later than the requested sailing date.
Prepare your vehicle for shipment:
 Winter Protection
If you are shipping your vehicle, radiators and batteries must be adequately protected from freezing.

 Don't Fill Your Tank
Since gasoline is flammable, we require that your tank be no more than one-fourth full. Leave only enough gas in your tank to drive to a service station at destination. Vehicles with propane tanks or diesel fuel require special handling.

 Don't Pack Anything in Your Vehicle
No personal items, luggage or boxes may be shipped inside the passenger area or trunk. An infant car seat and spare tire with jack are considered to be integral parts of the vehicle, so they may be included. You will be asked to remove anything that is not permanently mounted or bolted to the vehicle.

 Don't Pack Firearms or Fire Extinguishers
No firearms, ammunition of any type or fire extinguishers may be shipped in a vehicle.

 Disconnect Alarm Systems
Vehicle alarm systems must be disconnected before a vehicle may be shipped.

 No Disabled Vehicles
Your vehicle must be in safe operating condition with inflated tires, fully operational brakes, transmission and steering. All vehicles will be inspected upon delivery to N-Motion Auto Transport. If a vehicle is not in safe operating condition, it will not be accepted for shipment.

 Required Ground Clearance
All vehicles must have six inches of ground clearance in order to be shipped.

For all of your enclosed car shipping and auto transport needs, call N-Motion Auto Transport today for hassle free auto shipping rates!


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Snowbird Transport Service Is Our Specialty

At N-Motion Auto Transport, SNOWBIRD SERVICE is our SPECIALTY!

We service thousands of "Snowbirds" who ship their vehicles to and from such states as New York, New Jersey and Connecticut to Florida, Arizona, Texas and California in the winter and spring months.
Snowbird Transport Service
We offer Express Door-to-Door Service to and from Florida. We will transport your vehicle to anywhere in the USA or Canada you want to go, and your vehicle never hits the road. This is especially helpful for RV drivers who tow their car. Our snowbird services eliminate the extra stress this causes, and your vehicle will arrive safe and sound when you need it.

We also provide service for snowbirds that prefer the deserts of Arizona and California. We provide reliable auto transport and door-to-door delivery, so you don't have to deal with getting your vehicle to a terminal or worry about picking it up at one. If you are part of a club of snowbirds traveling to the same area, we will provide a discount if your group can fill a truck.

Our customers can depend on us for reliable auto transport services. Seasonal customers (snowbirds) have been one of our most loyal customers. N-Motion Auto Transport understands that your needs, styles and priorities differ slightly than other auto transport customers.
When it is time to make your seasonal move, snowbirds can count on N-Motion Auto Transport. We'll be ready. Call 1-855-407-4160 for a FREE Auto Transport Quote.

What is a Snowbird?
As mentioned at Wikipedia.
The term Snowbird is used to describe Canadians and people from the Pacific Northwest, Northeast or Midwestern United States who spend a large portion of winter in warmer locales such as Arizona, Florida, or elsewhere along the Sunbelt region of the southern United States, areas of the Caribbean, and even as far away as Australia and New Zealand.
Snowbird (people) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Snowbird Travel Resources
• CSA Canadian Snowbird Association
The CSA is a national and international non-profit organization created to represent the health care, social and economic interests, needs and concerns of Canadians who travel.

For all of your enclosed car shipping and auto transport needs, call N-Motion Auto Transport today for hassle free auto shipping rates!


In the Need of Corporate Vehicle Relocation Services?

Having to move a vehicle at the same time you're moving all your other possessions can be very stressful, especially if you're moving long-distance. Shipping your vehicle can make sense and hiring a good auto transport company to do it can make the process easy. N-Motion Auto Transport is superior to most other moving companies. Your car will be picked up promptly onto a specialized truck and delivered by an experienced driver with years of car hauling experience.

Specializing in Corporate Relocation

N-Motion Auto Transport specializes in Corporate Relocation. Taking the stress out of your life during your move is one reason to call N-Motion Auto Transport. We know what you are going through and will try to make the relocation transition easy. Our fleet of transport trucks are equipped to transport any type of vehicles, classics, high end and even SUV's and trucks.

Anyone, anything, anywhere, anytime, no move is too big or too small. We offer a complete line of relocation services for corporate, government and residential moves.
Using N-Motion Auto Transport, we'll service all of your moving needs using our expert staff. Whether you have an office move, are moving overseas, or moving across the country, N-Motion Auto Transport can help you!

We are the single source solution for all your corporate relocation needs. Our services include:
• Door-to-Door car transport and vehicle shipping service.
• Experienced auto transports
• All Vehicle Transporter Drivers are insured and bonded
• Open and Enclosed car trailers
• Free quotes for car transport
• Quality service for vehicle transport and car shipping
• Competitive transporting and automobile shipping prices

For all of your enclosed car shipping and auto transport needs, call N-Motion Auto Transport today for hassle free auto shipping rates!


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Difference between Enclosed Transport & Open Transport

Open Transport:

Open car carriers are open to the elements, such as dust & weather conditions.  However, open transport is the typical type of service offered in the auto transport industry.  If you have ever seen those big rigs on the road with all of the cars on the trailer, those are open carriers.  These carriers range from 8 to 10 cars on average.  Some carriers have F350s with wedge trailers on the back that accommodate 2 to 4 cars (usually for inoperable vehicles, large vehicles, short distances, and freight.)  This method of transportation is cheaper than the enclosed route because there are far more open carriers regularly available.  More people choose open transport because of the availability and cost effectiveness, but enclosed is the way to go when you have an exotic vehicle, show car, race car or a vehicle of extreme sentimental value.
Enclosed Transport:

With N-Motion Auto Transport's enclosed auto transport, your vehicle is completely protected. You will not have to worry about dust, weather, rocks or debris from the road when you ship your vehicle in an enclosed transport. Once your automobile is loaded, it will stay on the same truck until it is delivered. We provide door-to-door shipping where available and do not use terminals. We offer personal service to our clients, keeping them in touch directly with our dispatch at all times. N-Motion Auto Transport takes pride in shipping in an enclosed transport and in providing extraordinary service.

For all of your enclosed car shipping and auto transport needs, call N-Motion Auto Transport today for hassle free auto shipping rates!


The Car Show

A new series on SPEEDTV, The Car Show, is a little something extra for all of you car enthusiasts out there.  Funnyman Adam Carolla, “Pulitzer-Prize-winning automotive journalist” Dan Neil & “” founder Matt Farah all teamed up for this ultimate car lover’s show.  The show consists of awesome cars, epic driving experiences and car culture from the world over.  With a mix of comedy, shop talk and eye candy, what more could one ask for?  You can catch the shows airing Wednesdays at 10p ET. 

For all of your exotic car transport needs and/or to find dependable auto shippers, call N-Motion Auto Transport today for free car shipping prices.