Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Addition to the Mercedes-Benz Family

Mercedes has launched a new SL roadster and it has gone though a total makeover. New materials have been used in order to make the body more powerful. Other elements of the vehicle are executed from plastic, such as the boot lid. Mercedes is offering a couple of engine types; a supercharged V8 with about 435HP and 700NM torque (the SL500 version) and a 3.5-liter atmospheric V6 with 306HP and 370NM torque (the SL350 version.) Each car offers very fuel-friendly systems and 7-step automatic transmissions. The max speed is identical on both versions – 250km/h. The list of technologies includes 3 variants of a sunroof that consumers can choose from – painted, glass or panoramic with blackout. To add to the extensive list are low-frequency speakers at the passengers’ feet, crash preparation, adaptive head lights, and multimedia command system. First glimpse of the ride was at a Detroit showroom on January 9th. With all of the many new automobiles that are to come out on the market within such a short span of time, Mercedes sure does know how to compete and conquer. Why not let N-Motion Auto Transport move your new vehicle from point A to point B. Only dependable auto shippers should have the honor of transporting these kings of the road.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Shipping Wars on A&E – Recap of Episode “Pain in the Caboose”

On the previous episode of Shipping Wars, that aired January 24, 2012, Marc lands the 1928 train caboose in order to haul. He has no idea what he is really getting into, but decided to steal the job away from Scott and Susie. There are many variables that go along with this shipment, some that could make or break the bank. Marc states that “if the shippers check doesn’t clear, we are going to have a bonfire with this caboose.” Whether joking or not, this is one of the issues that goes along with how things are done on USHIP and why it is better to go with a auto transport broker who can handle all of the logistics. Not only is the car transport broker able to get things done in a timelier manner, due to the larger network of trucks on the road, but the broker is also in control of payment to the driver. So, in such a case as the caboose, the job would have not even begun unless the check cleared. There would be no mix up in payment and everyone is happy in the end. Brokers are only in business because of hard working carriers that get the job done right. Good brokers, like N-Motion Auto Transport, handle things properly the first time so that there are no mix-ups in the end.

Roy wins the privilege to move a 1955 Thunderbird from FL to NY. The bid started at $2500.00 and the final bid closed at $1500.00. This is only 1100 miles and would only have cost a customer $1095.00, if they had used a car shipping company like N-Motion Auto Transport. The customer could then just sit back and relax while they waited for their vehicle to arrive, while not having to be calling the car carrier every so often to find out the location of their vehicle.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ford Mustang Boss 302 takes down Ferrari, Audi, BMW, and Porsche

Watch out all you foreign car lovers, Ford is back in the ring and ready to fight. Performance tests were ran at Hockenheim on several cars to compare the strengths and weaknesses of each ride. Well, turns out that the Boss 302 Laguna Seca has a little more to offer in speed than the Aston Martin DBS, the Audi R8, BMW M3, and the Ferrari California. To add to these accolades, the Boss also beat out the Porsche 991 in braking performance. How bout them apples? The Mustang is loaded with a potent 302 cubic-inch 5.0-liter V8 and holds about 444hp. Although this beast shredded apart the previously mentioned exotics, it failed to outdo the BMW M5 F10. It’s ok Ford, there is still much to be proud of, including the economic price tag of $48,000. This price surely warrants some applause, considering that it is less than half the price of most others on the list. N-Motion Auto Transport takes pride our car shipping of such vehicles to and from the track. Even on a daily basis, we ship cars for the average Joe as if he were part of our family. Being that a car is considered to be one of the largest purchases in a person’s life, we make sure to be the most dependable auto shippers in the industry.

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Houston Auto Show – Trusty Ol' N-Motion Auto Transport

I hope all of you gear heads are ready for another dose of the Houston Auto Show coming to Reliant Center January 25 – January 29, 2012. Get a chance to see all of the big name companies and what they have to offer. There will be multiple debuts of some of the year’s hottest rides on the market and some that have yet to be seen by the public. Chevy just released a Collectors Edition of their 427 Corvette Convertible and is considered to be the “fastest and most capable convertible in the history of Corvette,” says Chevrolet. Also available is the 60th Anniversary Package, which will be hitting dealerships early this summer. If the dealership near you doesn’t carry the desired package, as previously mentioned, call N-Motion Auto Transport for all of your vehicle shipping needs. Trusting a reliable car transporter with your vehicle is a far better option then driving it yourself. With all of the many variables out there that might hinder the safe delivery of your vehicle while driving it, auto shipping is a safer and more cost effective alternative. These major car manufacturers would never take the chance of moving vehicles themselves. They make sure to call dependable auto shippers such as N-Motion Auto Transport to get the job done right and in a timely fashion.

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Know the Facts about Auto Transport

There are several things that a consumer needs to take in consideration about vehicle shipping to anywhere in the nation or even internationally. Make sure that you do plenty of research on the companies that you might have in mind for your auto transport service. There are a lot of shady companies in this industry and we want to make sure that the consumers are getting all of the facts. Many companies lie about a wide array of things in order for you to book your load with them. These “lies” consist of altered time frames, far lower prices than what the load should be in order for it to get picked up in a timely manner (and then once you put down your deposit, they increase the price to what it should be or even higher), and whether they are just a Broker or a Carrier/Broker. Brokers are not asset based, so they do not have their own trucks but have access to several carriers around the nation. Good brokers, like N-Motion Auto Transport, do an extensive screening process and background check on each carrier before the job is contracted out. Broker/Carriers are asset based and have their own rigs, but often broker more than utilize their own trucks. To find out what category these companies fall under, check out SaferSys for further information.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Shipping Wars on A&E - N-Motion Auto Transport

Recently, A&E started a new realty show called “Shipping Wars” that follows independent shippers using USHIP to battle for loads to transport. The show gives everyday consumers a taste of how the transport world works and entertains us with the problems/headaches that all of us in the shipping industry have come to know all too well. Basically, a few carriers are followed around documenting how these people live day to day transporting goods all over America. Seeing how these people find loads on UShip, bid on them, and then race to transport the goods without damage is just a taste of how transport really works. Like all realty shows on tv now a days many things on the show are just for ratings and actually do not happen much in the industry. One important thing to remember when watching the show is that bidding for the loads by the carriers is a good way to see how much customers over pay by using UShip. Each week after a new episode N-Motion Auto Transport will recap what had happened for those viewers that were not able to catch it and point out the difference between using UShip and Transport Brokers. As Shipping Wars will be a new fun show to watch let’s remember that the best way for shipping is by contacting a Transport Broker.

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Monday, January 16, 2012

N-Motion Auto Transport Tips for Shipping a Vehicle

When choosing to transport your vehicle, one should plan and schedule the auto shipping at least 3-4 weeks in advance before you move. This will give plenty of time to arrange for a car hauler to pick up your vehicle. The more time that is allotted, the better the price and availability of car movers. Make sure that someone, that is trustworthy, will be available at the time of pickup and delivery for multiple reasons. N-Motion Auto Transport offers a Door-to-Door service, which makes it easier for customers to go on with daily activities and not having to sit in a parking lot somewhere waiting on an dependable auto shipper. Some residential neighborhoods do not permit certain sized vehicles to enter the area. So, in that case, the driver will get as close as he can to the front door by asking the shipper to meet at a nearby shopping center or garage for the pickup or delivery of the vehicle.

This is a very important aspect of the auto transport process. Make sure the company that you choose to transport your vehicle has adequate insurance to cover the full value of the vehicle. A BOL (bill of lading) will be filled out on the condition of the vehicle for any dents, scratches, or damages of any sort. This will be signed by both parties at pickup and delivery. ALWAYS check the vehicle for any damages and take pictures too if you feel more comfortable, for these will come in handy if any unclaimed damages are noted at delivery.

Personal Belongings or Household Goods:
The driver of the car carrier is not responsible for any item left in the vehicle before, during, or after it has been delivered. Make sure to remove any personal possessions prior to pickup. If something does have to go with the vehicle, notify the driver and place it in the trunk for safe storage.

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Houston, We have a DON’T have a Problem!!

The last time that Houston had a football team in the playoffs was far too long ago. The Houston Texans beat the Cincinnati Bengals Saturday at Reliant Stadium. The crowd roared throughout the entire game and surely made the Bengals fans feel like there was less than a chance. As the game went on, that chance diminished. The final score was 31-10 and it doesn’t seem like the Texans are going to slow down, on either end of the field. After four sacks and three interceptions, Cincinnati QB Andy Dalton felt the wrath of the second ranked Texan defense. January 15th will be another trying day for Houston, having to match up against the AFC North champion Baltimore Ravens at 12:00pm. In 1994, Houston’s former team, the Oilers, hosted the Kansas City Chiefs in the Astrodome. T.J. Yates was just a little boy at that time, but he isn’t anymore. He went 11 for 20 for 159 yards and a touchdown to Andre Johnson. Ironically, this was a homecoming for Dalton, the Katy Texas native. Dalton’s numbers actually superseded Yates’s, while finishing with 257 yards, but was no match for the Houston D. Arian Foster is and has been a force to reckon with, with 153 yards and 2 touchdowns on 24 carries.

Good Luck on the road to the 2012 Super Bowl, Houston!

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