Friday, December 28, 2012

Save Time Online for Car Shipping Services

Online Auto Transport 
Save time by booking your order online with a company that offers online forms. If your in a hurry to ship cars and don’t wont to waste time on the phone, then make sure to work with a auto transport company that offers online quote’s, forms, and a open line of communication. Simple little things like this can save time and money when shopping for a car shipper.

Finding Dependable Auto Shippers
Most companies today offer online service’s that where not avaible years ago. Over the years the auto transport industry has incorporated new technologies to track, organize, and process orders as they come in from the internet. The use of technology is a good indicator of the quality of service the company may offer. In today’s society, it is important that companies stay up to date despite the industry they are in.

Make sure when looking for a car transport company to work with, they explain to you how the process works and how the car carriers will load/offload your vehicle. 

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Preparing for Auto Transport

Transporting a vehicle for your first time can be very easy if you follow a few rules. Many people think packing the vehicle with as many items as possible will not effect the transport of the vehicle. This is not true. All U.S. car carriers are required by law not to exceed a certain weight amount depending on the type of trailer. Carriers are required to weight in at random weight stations by the D.O.T to enforce this law. If by chance your vehicle is loaded on a trailer with un-necessary items and the driver is shut down because of the extra weight the transit time will be increased due to the driver being shut down until the extra weight is unloaded.

To ensure that this does not happen to you, let’s go over a few helpful hints for preparing your vehicle for transport. First, make sure your vehicle is clean before loading it onto the car carrier. Having the vehicle clean before loading will ensure that the driver will be able to do a detailed vehicle condition report know as bill of lading “B.O.L”. Second, make sure there are no items in the car and if you have to put some items in the vehicle make sure they are in the trunk weighing less than 100 pounds.  This will protect your personal property from theft and D.O.T. weight limits. Finally, make sure the driver hands you a copy of the B.O.L for your records. A B.O.L is one of the most important documents you would need in the event of an accident or damage to the vehicle.

If these steps are followed correctly you can count on a quick and safe auto transport. Shipping cars and be difficult, that’s why having all the information you need at hand can make your vehicle transportation seem like a walk in the park.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Importance of Online Transport Reviews

Online reviews are free and are very important in selecting a transport company. If you are moving cities, switching jobs, or just going on vacation, online reviews of reliable auto transport companies can save you time and money. There are so many company’s out there offering transportation services one should do their homework before booking with one company. The reviews are your opportunities to get an inside look at the service provided by all the different companies out there.

There are three main issues to look for when reading online reviews. First, look for reviews that talk about the auto shipping rates that the companies have offered. These rates can help you understand how your vehicle will be protected and the type of service that will be provided. Low rates can turn into problems with transit times, insurance coverage, and quality of service you could encounter. Higher rates can be seen as faster transit time, higher insurance coverage, and greater customer service. Second, when reading online look for information about problems other people have encountered with shipping cars. This can help you identify red flags when speaking with agent and help narrow down your options. Problems that other people have encountered can help you understand some of the issues that may come about when you transport vehicles. Third, online reviews are a great source of being able to see if this company is just a fly by type or one that’s here to stay. You want to make sure that the company you use is one with experience and one that you can rely on if you have any concerns. 

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Friday, December 21, 2012

Importance of Car Shipping Bill of Ladings

If you are shipping cars locally, internationally, or importing and exporting goods overseas, bill of ladings are a must to have. Both freight transportation and auto transport use bill of ladings (B.O.L.) to show proof of responsibility for the goods in transit. Two B.O.L’s should be provided by the transport company; one at pick up and one at delivery. It is very important to look at the bill of lading at delivery to make sure there is no added damage to your load. This is to protect you from theft, damage, and mistakes that can happen to goods during transit.

In the car transporting industry a bill of lading is a must for the car to be loaded and unloaded. When shipping a vehicle the driver will walk around the car to note the condition of the vehicle in case of damage and to protect you from false leads by the seller. Once the vehicle is loaded and arrives to the buyer, another walk around is done to release responsibility of the vehicle and for you to sign off that the car is in the same condition from when it was picked up.

On the freight side of transportation, the bill of lading may take different forms depending on the goods and method of transport. When shipping overseas, using a freight forwarder can help ensure the correct documents are in order. Make sure when shipping auto or freight that you get a B.O.L to show who has been responsible for the goods.

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Change in the Auto Shipping Industry

E-Commerce in the Auto Transport Industry
Over the last few years, the auto transport industry has seen an increase in e-commerce. E-commerce roughly means conducting business over the internet for products of all types from all over the world. In the world of logistics, e-commerce has changed the way people buy and sell directly to consumers over national boundaries by cutting out the retail channel. Manufactures can benefit more today from e-commerce than in the past by selling their products straight to retail stores. Consumers can also benefit more from these channels by saving more money on goods that would normally sell for more in the local retail outlet. Companies like have used e-commerce to operate in a new technological world by shipping goods directly to the consumer with a wide range of products to choose from.

Auto Shipping Industry
In the auto industry e-commerce has increased online sales of automobiles. People from overseas or in different states are able to look at vehicles for sell and make a purchase without ever seeing the car in person. This form of business has increased the benefits for both dealers and consumers. Vehicle transport companies have also benefited from the increased e-commerce move. Since vehicles are purchased online, the need for car transport services has increased dramatically.

Car Shipping Industry
Over all, e-commerce is changing the way we do business and saving money for everyone at the same time. Next time you’re online looking to purchase goods, remember you’re engaging in e-commerce which can change your view of how goods are now bought and sold.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Car Transport Companies

Today, more then ever, it is important to make sure your vehicle is being transported by a reliable company. As the economy worsens day by day, many companies are failing to maintain proper insurance. Insurance and the ability to pay the drivers are very important aspects of the auto transport industry. These issues can affect the quality of service you are provided by how the carriers view the company that you book your transportation with.

Car Shipping from New York to California
Let’s say you’re moving from New York to San Diego and your vehicle is a Mercedes-Benz CL 55. When you are talking to different companies about price and transit time, be sure to ask how much insurance they have as an umbrella policy in the event something happens during transit. As many companies are feeling the economic hard times insurance and other monthly payments are not being maintained which could put your vehicle at risk. With the above example of the Mercedes-Benz CL55, car haulers would need at least $150,000.00 in coverage depending on how many cars the trailer can hold. This way a reliable company can make sure your vehicle is covered if something where to happen and if the car carriers insurance is voided due to missed payments.

Car Transport Insurance
To re-cap the importance of a sound company, let’s go through a check list. First, make sure the vehicle transport company uses a car carrier with proper insurance and has an umbrella policy themselves. Second, check to see how long the company you are talking to has been in business and if the have good reviews.  Good relations with auto carriers can make all the difference in your auto shipping rates, transit time, and quality of service.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Automated Export System (AES)

AES and the Car Shipping Industry
Everyone knows how time consuming it is to organize all the paperwork that is required by law to import or export goods. In an attempt to speed this process up and make exporting more efficient, the U.S. Commerce Department’s Census Bureau created “AES”. Automated Export System helps exporters file and organize information over the internet at no cost. This is the government’s way to increase U.S. exports and increase the benefits of exporting.  According to Masaaki Kotabe and Kristiaan Helsen, “it was designed to improve trade statistics, reduce duplicate reporting to multiple agencies, improve customer service, and to ensure compliance with enforcement of laws relating to exporting”. This system is a national system that is used by all U.S. ports and all means of transportation. Kotabe and Kristiaan note that, “This internet-based system will allow exporters, freight forwarders, and consolidators to file shippers export declaration information in an automated, cost-free way”.

How AES Benefits Auto Shipping
A system like this can have many benefits to consumers and auto shippers from all areas when exporting goods. The reduced cost of organizing information can translate to a reduced cost in services charged by the different types of export services. The reduced cost can translate into increased profits and increased interest in exporting without having to worry how to get all the information to the correct people in time of the export. Since this service has been enabled in late 1999, exporting has become less stressful and less confusing. For more information on this system please refer to the internet for help.

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1 & 2) “Global Marketing Management/ export and import management”, fourth edition 2008, Masaaki Kotabe and Kristiaan Helsen.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Understanding Car Shipping B.O.L.’s

If you are shipping cars locally, internationally, or importing and exporting goods overseas, bill of ladings are a must to have. Both freight transportation and auto transport use bill of ladings (B.O.L.) to show proof of responsibility for the goods in transit. Two B.O.L’s should be provided by the transport company; one at pick and one at delivery. It is very important to look at the bill of lading at delivery to make sure there is no added damage to your load. This is to protect you from theft, damage, and mistakes that can happen to goods during transit.

In the auto transport industry a bill of lading is a must for the car to be loaded and unloaded. When shipping a vehicle the driver will walk around the car to note the condition of the vehicle in case of damage and to protect you from false leads by the seller. Once the vehicle is loaded and arrives to the buyer, another walk around is done to release responsibility of the vehicle and for you to sign off that the car is in the same condition from when it was picked up.

On the freight side of transportation the bill of lading may take different forms depending on the goods and method of transport. When shipping overseas using a freight forwarder can help ensure the correct documents are in order. Make sure when shipping auto or freight that you get a B.O.L to show who has been responsible for the goods.

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Oldest Surviving Production Ford in the World Finally Comes Home to Mr. William Ford

Vehicles tend to increase in value when they exceed a normal human’s lifespan – they become what we call a collector car.  The problem with newer cars is that the second you drive that thing off of the dealership lot it depreciates in value.  Bill Ford, Henry Ford’s great-grandson, purchased this 1903 Ford Model A last October for a whopping $264,000.00 at an auction.  He is only the 6th owner of this vehicle (one of the 1st three ever built & the oldest surviving production car by Ford.) 

Collector Car Shipping
The first owner of this Model A was Herbert McNary.  He paid only $850.00 for the car over half a century ago and took extreme care of it, as you can see.  Herbert might have never seen it coming but his mediocre amount of money kept the Ford Motor Co. from falling over the edge of bankruptcy. 

Back in 1903, the Ford Motor Co. had as little as $225.00 sitting in their bank account which was nowhere near what the impending payroll was.  McNary put down a deposit of $170.00 on the vehicle and another $300.00 deposit from the Indiana Motor Co. for another Model A.  The $850.00 was a full-price payment from a Dr. E Pfenning for his car.  This value totaling to $1320.00 is what kept Henry Ford’s dream alive and before he knew it, 1700 Model A’s we assembled in his Detroit Plant.

Mr. McNary’s family sold the Model A to a collector for $400.00 and the new owner just couldn’t wait to get it restored.  He then re-sold the car to a Swiss Ford dealer some years later.  The collectible sat in Germany’s Ford of Europe’s Cologne until 2001.  Before the vehicle was able to reach the auction block, this Model A was a part of the John O’Quinn collection, before he passed away.  It then received a minor restoration by Terry Deters Restorations following the auction.

Antique Vehicle Shipping
Now, this is just one of the many types of vehicles that deserve only the best modes of transportation and it would most definitely go on an enclosed transport carrier.  The car shipping process would be as careful as if you were sending grandma off to the airport. 

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Motorcycle Transportation Services

N-Motion Auto Transport is a full service transportation provider and while we excel in shipping vehicles across the nation, we also excel at transporting motorcycles as well.  These are not just toys but are prized possessions that need just as much attention as vehicles do, if not more.  N-Motion Auto Transport hauls motorcycles in enclosed trailers to ensure the safety of the bikes.  We work with highly skilled professional drivers that have years of experience securing and transporting motorcycles and ATVs.  Drivers must provide current documentation on their auto carriers and must maintain ample insurance to cover the full value of each vehicle that is being transported.

Motorcycle Transport
Motorcycle Shipping | Motorcycle Transport Questions always linger as to how choppers, ATVs and golf carts will be shipped and what type of rig will be used to get the job done correctly.  As previously stated, enclosed carriers are used so as to not expose the units to outside debris and elements.  Our enclosed carriers range from 1 vehicle trailers to 6-8 vehicle carriers and while your motorcycle will be most likely be transported with other customers cars or bikes, N-Motion Auto Transport assures you that all units will be properly secured and will not rub or scratch up against each other. 

Motorcycle Shipping Companies
N-Motion Auto Transport prefers to use hard side enclosed carriers because they do not allow dust or dirt to enter into the trailer, unlike soft-side trailers do.  We wouldn't want you to have to detail your new bike or ATV when you receive it because it was already detailed by the manufacture or retail supplier.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

RV Transport Services

Transporting a car is quite different than transport a RV across the nation.  There are many different things to take into consideration when doing such a task.  Trusting a professional auto shipping company like N-Motion Auto Transport to move a larger vehicle like an RV is always the best route to take.  Customers that are moving have far too much to worry about and need some type of breather in the process.  Focus on the new life you are trying to build in that new home with your family and leave the transporting to the pro’s.

RV Transport
N-Motion Auto Transport is a licensed and bonded car shipping company.  They have RV transport solutions for just about any size and shape RV on the market today.   We understand that these caliber vehicles require special techniques and handling for loading/unloading.  The experienced and highly trained professional drivers used by N-Motion Auto Transport have specialized equipment that is specifically manufactured to move that RV from point A to B. 

Get Free RV Transport Quotes
Receiving free auto shipping rates is rather simple.  You can either call N-Motion Auto Transport at 1.855.407.4160 or click here to receive a quote.  We take into account all of the necessary criteria based on the information provided by you, the customer, and get you a well-informed quote.  You will never be in the dark about any of the process with N-Motion Auto Transport.  We walk you through everything so that you know what you are getting yourself into and a well-informed customer makes educated decisions in the future.  Our wonderful team is available 24/7 in the event you have any questions or concerns about the RV transport.

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Auto Shipping a SUV

N-Motion Auto Transport’s professional staff has years of experience in the automotive industry.  They are more than able to cater to each customer’s needs, whether it is a specific time frame or just an over-sized or odd vehicle.  Shipping an SUV is a very common thing to do, especially when it needs to travel long distances in a timely fashion.  SUV’s are larger vehicles with more weight than average cars on the road, but N-Motion Auto Transport takes all of the details into account to ensure you that you are getting the right type of car carriers for the job.

SUV Auto Transport
A majority of auto shipping carriers max out at 10 vehicles per load and some carry as few as 2 vehicles per load.  Just because there might be 10 vehicles that are needing to be transported doesn’t necessarily mean that they can all go on the same trailer.  The trucks are restricted by length, height and weight of the total load.  So, if the vehicles are longer or heavier than average then odds are that there won’t be 12 vehicles on that load.  Drivers to their best to maximize the load because each spot is a dollar amount so he doesn’t want to lose anything when it might be possible to fit another vehicle on the trailer.  As to make sure that your vehicle makes it on the truck, be sure to remove all household goods and anything extra that might cause the SUV to be heavier.

Insurance for SUV Auto Shipping
SUVs typically are hauled on what is called an open transport trailer.  I’m sure you have seen those big 18 wheelers on the road that have all of the cars on the back…that is an open transport.  N-Motion Auto Transport does their due diligence and only uses highly rated, fully insured carriers that are in good standing with the Department of Transportation. 

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Auto Shipping your Ferrari

Ferrari's are some of the most luxurious exotic vehicles in the world and they deserve the utmost care when being transported from point A to point B.  N-Motion Auto Transport takes the time to find the perfect customer carrier to carefully get that Ferrari to where it needs to go.

Transport Your Ferrari in an Enclosed Auto Transport
To ensure the Ferrari's absolute safety from wind-blown debris and environmental factors, enclosed auto transport is best form of shipping for these caliber vehicles.  Ferrari's are precious commodities and their caretakers know just that.  N-Motion Auto Transport isn't just one of the best auto transport companies in the nation for no reason.   The time and care put into each enclosed transport reflects upon the company’s solid reputation. 

Hard-Side Transporters Are a Must for Ferrari's
N-Motion Auto Transport can get your car transporters with various different types of trailers, including but not limited to, open auto carriers and enclosed carriers.  Enclosed auto transport trucks can be either hard-side or soft-side trailers. 
  • Hard-side carriers are just that, hard-sided for maximum protection.  These specific carriers utilize lift gates for low ground clearance vehicles, such as a Ferrari.  This option doesn't subject the vehicle to any type of wear and tear during the loading/unloading process.
  • Soft-side carriers feature canvas exterior covering which can allow for dust to enter the cargo area.  These carriers use special ramps to load the vehicles and are not very ideal for low ground clearance vehicles.

N-Motion Auto Transport strongly advises to go with the hard-side transporters to assure your beautiful Ferrari gets to point B in pristine condition.  The lift gates and full enclosure give you the absolute protection while on the long road ahead.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Do Vehicles Really Need Snow Tires in the winter?

Many believe that snow tires are the answer to taking care of a vehicle in cold climates but experts have shown that that isn’t the case.  All-season tires are not only the most popular types of tires on the market, and for good reason, but they are also proving to be the most reliable.

Auto experts suggest that when purchasing a new set of tires make sure that they are winter compatible (approved tires have snowflakes imprinted on the side).  Now that the type of tire has been established, it’s time to find out which is the best for that specific vehicle.  99.9% of winter approved tires are NOT low profile, so don’t expect them to have that sporty look that many people are always worried about. 
Contact the automotive dealer or owner’s manual that correlates with each specific vehicle for further reference on which winter tires are best for the vehicle.  Performance cars such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Corvettes, etc. have daily tires that are in no way formulated to be efficient in winter conditions and require special tires for such an occasion. 

Owners of standard vehicle types need to pay special attention to tread and tire pressure much like the exotic vehicle owners.  Be sure to always check tire pressure in everyday weather conditions but more so with the frigid winter environments.  Overinflated tires can cause more wear on the middle of the tires and increase the chances of frequent replacement.  When the weather dips at least 10 degrees, air pressure in the tire loses about 1 to 2lbs/sq. inch.  This can be a major concern and should be monitored accordingly.

Some maintenance and safety tips are listed below:
  • Check regulations of the state – There is a portion of states in the nation that require snow tires or all weather tires (such as Pennsylvania.)  Drivers can be fined for breakdowns on the side of the road if found negligent of maintaining proper equipment.
  • Do not decrease the tire’s air pressure – low air pressure in the tire can cause overheating and tearing of the tire.  The old wives tale that has been told for many years says that decreasing the pressure will improve the tires traction on the icy roads.  Do not believe those old wives!
  • Check the tires tread – the tread on tires can be worn from many different contributing factors and should always be monitored for safety purposes.  The rule of thumb is that 3/32 of tread or less can be much of a concern because the lack of tread can increase the chances of hydroplaning, along with other problems.  Experts say that 4/32 remaining should be replaced due to only providing half of the traction of new tires.
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Monday, December 3, 2012

It’s That Time of Year Again…Family Road Trips Are in Full Effect and Safety is Always Most Important

The year is coming to an end and it’s the holidays again.  Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years are all very popular occasions in which families decide to take road trips to visit loved ones all over the world.  Being organized and prepared for such trips is highly important because it’s hard to know what the road ahead has in store.

Car maintenance is number one on the to-do list, but if drivers constantly stay up to date with it there should be no worries.  Nothing says disaster more than being broken down on the side of the road with whining children in the back seat and a possible loss of cell phone coverage.  Responsible vehicle owners will get their cars serviced every 90 days or so and shouldn't have much to worry about.  It’s good to have a trusty mechanic at your side to keep you current on all maintenance scheduling and quality workmanship.  Regular oil changes and diagnostics are especially important.  Some of the following services are recommended while having your oil changed; checking tire pressure, making sure windshield wipers aren't dry rotted, all lights (including headlights, brake lights, etc.) and fluid levels (including motor oil, coolant, transmission, brake, windshield washer and most importantly anti-freeze.  Winter is the season in which anti-freeze is the most vital due to high chances of weather conditions hitting freezing levels.

It’s never a bad idea to get a roadside assistance service for the trip as well.  Most insurance firms will offer this and it’s especially important when traveling with small children and/or alone.  The services are typically very cost effective and could save drivers many headaches in the event of a breakdown. 

An emergency travel kit is highly recommended for every travel, whether it is a short trip or a long travel.  Unexpected delays happen far more often than not and drivers need to be prepared for such events.  A usual kit should include tools, first aid supplies, emergency rations, water, blankets, flashlights (with batteries), roadside flares, tire gauge, jumper cables, and a spare tire and accessories. 

Be sure that frequent stops are included in the trip as well.  It make hurt the time frame in which was anticipated to arrive at the destination, but it will surely make a difference.

For those who prefer to travel by airplane yet still want to use their own vehicles at their final destination, N-Motion Auto Transport offers services such as auto shipping, car shipping and enclosed transport.

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