Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Alabama Received a Boost in Mercedes Production

In early 2010, Daimler-Benz moved its production of the Mercedes C-class vehicles to a plant near Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  The US dollar was very weak at the time, compared to the Euro and there aren’t many unionized work forces in the South.  These factors make for Alabama being a low-cost production location compared to that of Germany.  Saving a dollar here and there really makes a big difference, especially in this economy. 

It does seem a bit odd to think of Mercedes and Alabama having any correlation with each other, but this is now the case.  Tuscaloosa is known for the likes of Bear Bryant and Role Tide fans, not luxury automobiles.  The new opportunity for Alabama workers is something that is a plus for the southern state and this new luxury car business is placed there because of how poor the area is.  The company will save money with low taxation and the workers won’t demand high pay rates.  It’s a win-win for Daimler-Benz.

Tuscaloosa, Alabama is nestled right off Interstate 20 and is very close to Atlanta’s auto shipping connection.  The location is oddly convenient for car transporter and is centrally located for easy access to the Interstate 65 corridor up to the Chicago area nearby in Birmingham, Alabama.

With the excess of vehicles being produced in the US, more cars will be transported throughout the nation and give the country better stability within the trade sectors among the rest of the world.  Car shipping companies serving the East Coast ports where the previous German car imports would be brought in might have been a bit disgruntled, but the auto transport companies within the states sure seem to be singing a different tune.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Owning and Shipping an Exotic Car

A few years ago, Russia launched their very first sports car called Marussia (a popular Russian female pet name.)  All ends of every industry were talking about this car, not just the automobile industry.  After I saw this car, I couldn't stop thinking of ways to get it in my driveway (as I do will all of my favorite rides.)  A couple of ways to do this immediately would be either (a) win a lottery or (b) marry someone really rich, both of which are far-fetched ideas. 

Take a second and think about how you would want this car handled if you were the proud owner.  You would want only the best auto shipping company on the job and spare no expense.  Such a collector’s item as this Marussia, or sports cars such as Ferrari’s & Lamborghini’s, requires careful car shipping experts.  You need automobile caretakers – experienced auto transport companies like N-Motion Auto Transport that are professionals in handling these bad boys.  Our drivers are highly experienced, utilize lift gates and hard side enclosed trailers.  The biggest advantage to using enclosed trailers is the luxury of your car being protected from dust, rocks, weather and any floating debris.  Once your exotic vehicle is loaded, it stays on the truck until it is delivered to your front door-step.  So, when that day comes that you get that finally get that beauty, trust only the pros with the big investment.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Car Care Tips for the Winter

Vehicle maintenance is a must in this busy world.  Fast paced people don't have the time to be idle and wait for their cars to get fixed at the shop.  The winter months can get really cold and are a frustrating time for a car to break down, so follow these few tips and keep that car in motion.

While drivers should keep their vehicles properly maintained year round to ensure its peak performance, most people tend to forget some things.  So, with that said, N-Motion Auto Transport wanted to just give a few reminders for the cold winter months to reduce complications.

  • Make sure to clean out the areas of the car where twigs and leaves can possibly build up.  These areas are usually meant for water run off.  The air plenum near the windshield is a common spot where this can happen.
  • Consider purchasing a set of winter tires.  Today's society has created the trend of using low profile, wider tires on our vehicles and the car manufactures have taken this into consideration.  They have made the wheel wells shorter in order to accommodate these low-pros.  Low profile tires are a no-no in the snow and will only decrease traction.
  • Check the wiper blades and make sure there is plenty of life left in them.  Conditions such as fog, rain and snow can all reduce visibility and make for dangerous driving situations.  When the vehicle is parked, make sure that the wipers are in the off position so that the wiper motor doesn't overwork itself to fight frozen wipers.  
  • Winter conditions puts more stress on the vehicles battery, so make sure that the battery is fully juiced all of the time.  Remember, many car part shops usually don't charge anything to load-test the battery. It is much cheaper to replace the battery on a time schedule that fits the consumer's lifestyle versus being at the mercy of which ever repair shop it is towed to.
  • Make sure that the antifreeze is topped off, but majority of vehicles are fitted with systems that can hold enough for 5 years or up to 150,000 miles.

As long as drivers follow these few tips for the winter, they can easily get from point A to B without complications.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

SEMA Show Car Shipping Solutions

SEMA is a premier automotive trade show that offers a wide array of specialty products.  This show is not something that is open to the general public.  Some of the most intelligent minds in the auto industry are seen walking among the copious amounts of rides and some of the latest and greatest products at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  This event attracts a little over 100,000 industry leaders from several countries around the world in order to make the big bucks in all sectors of the market.  SEMA Show 2012 drew in more than 60,000 domestic and international buyers through a couple of million s/f of exhibits.  The displays were segmented into twelve different sections, and a New Products Showcase featured about 2,000 new parts and accessories.  This show is not only entertaining venue but offers educational seminars, demonstrations of the products, networking opportunities and much more.

This event requires the transport of numerous amounts of vehicles to Las Vegas.  Before going ahead and selecting car transport companies, be sure to check their credentials and auto transport reviews.  Many auto transport companies will just tell you what you want to hear and then do something else.  A quality car shipping company will stand by you throughout the process and make sure that your vehicle is picked up and delivered in a safe and professional manner.  No one would want to send their exotic or classic car to the SEMA Show with the wrong guy.


Monday, November 12, 2012

Auto Transport Pickup Times from Driver to Customer

Once your vehicle is scheduled for the vehicle shipping process, a truck driver will be assigned the load by your auto transport companies.  The dispatcher will then relay your information to the driver so that they can then give you a call to set up a 1-2 hour time frame for pickup and delivery.  Sometimes, hours or even a day elapses without hearing from the driver.  Quite often they are driving so they don’t like to talk on their phones while in route, but not to worry; your vehicle is usually one of 8 on his entire load.  He also has to coordinate with the other vehicle owners as well for proper timing.  If someone or multiple customers don’t answer their phones while at their designated pickup location, he has no choice but to wait to hear back.  The schedule might then be altered by this delay, so in order to not mess up other customers time schedules, he must first make sure that he sets a reasonable time frame for everyone on the load.  Communication is key in almost every industry, but for car shipping, there is nothing more important.  Make sure to choose a reputable transport broker in order to get quality service and a good experience.  A good car shipping companies will make sure that you are in the know about everything throughout the duration of the transport process.


Transit Times for Car Shipping

Transit time for car shipping can be one of the most frustrating elements of the whole process.  In the auto transport industry, everything is considered to be on an estimated time basis because when driving so many miles across country, there are several different factors that come in to play.  On a smaller level, think about when you have to drive to work in the morning.  There are many variables that can hinder you from being there on time: i.e. traffic, weather, mechanical problems, etc.  Now, extend that drive by about 1,000 miles and you can see the amount of things that can happen along the way.  The glory of using an auto shipping expert is that they have driven these routes time in and time out, minimizing the occurrence of problems along the way.  Any company that guarantees a specific pickup time, they are either not being truthful or they utilize terminals.  You will never want to use terminals because that is where trans-loading comes into play.  Trans-loading is where your vehicle gets loaded and unloaded several times.  This becomes a problem because there is more opportunity for damage. 

Some rules of thumb for transit times are as follows: For cross country auto transport, you will be looking at about 7-10 days.  For mid-America transport the time needed is about 5-7 days and for instate transports the time needed will be between 1-3 days.  Different states call for different times due to size and accessibility, along with the amount of car carriers traveling through the area.