Thursday, March 21, 2013

N-Motion Auto Transport Increases Car Shipping Services from Houston, Texas to Miami, Florida


Texas and Florida have always been pretty popular states when it comes to auto transport service needs. With the summer months upon us, N-Motion Auto Transport is seeing a large influx of customers asking about Florida car shipping rates. Many are vacationing in the Sunshine State with families and some are just making a corporate relocation to the sandy destination. Customers are looking for a timely and cost efficient alternatives to driving the vehicles themselves.

Once they have hired their household goods moving company, step 2 would be to hire an auto transport company to facilitate the car shipping to Florida. Customers have enough things to worry about with the whole moving process and N-Motion Auto Transport is there to remove the extra stress.

Facts About the Car Shipping Process:

Road trips might be fun every now and then, but what about when there isn't enough time or it’s just a very long distance? There are many factors that can deter people from driving the long road ahead. With crude oil prices always on the rise, it is getting very costly to drive anywhere these days. Not to mention the cost of lodging, food, and wear/tear on the vehicle all adding up on the bill. Above all, the most important factor to think about when making that road trip would be the safety factors. There are many reckless drivers on the roads and many dangerous routes as well. If the wrong road is chosen somewhere along the way, it might then cause a whole new issue. What if the car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and there is no cell phone signal? These are just a few of the important things to think about before making the trip.

About N-Motion Auto Transport

N-Motion Auto Transport is a full-service car shipping company, specializing in 8-10 car trailers, goose-neck trailers, wedge trailers and more. Being one of the world’s best auto shipping providers doesn't happen overnight, but N-Motion Auto Transport works hard every day for its customers in offering them a wide range of customized worldwide vehicle shipping and logistics solutions. The relationships that N-Motion Auto Transport has built over the years with truck, oceanic, and air carriers = greater flexibility and a multitude of equipment options to bring vehicles to customers.
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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Diesel Dips 4.2cents, hitting $4.088 & Gasoline Declines for Second Straight Week

Looking to be a positive overall outcome, retail diesel fuel prices have dipped for the second straight week from $4.13 per gallon to $4.088. The US Energy Information Administration expects the diesel prices to continue to decline for the next two years, which studies have shown that this will reduce truck fleets annual fuel costs by as much as $5,700 per rig.  This is great news for car carriers and their drivers because it seems that the cost of everything else in steadily increasing, other than their pay checks.

According to the EIA, the 4.2-cent dip in diesel prices last week was less than fuel costs were back in 2012 at this same time.  To ice the cake, prices were actually increasing at this time last year from $4.123 a gallon and up.

US Oil Production Increases, Paving Way to
Lower Fuel Costs
Once gas prices hit $4.051 in February of 2012, prices didn't drop below the $4 mark until the middle of May 2012.  Mid-March of 2013 was the first time since November of 2012 that diesel prices have been cheaper than the prior year.

Not only did diesel prices drop but gasoline prices did as well.  Last week’s fuel prices were $3.759 and have since dropped this week to $3.71 per gallon, much less than last year’s prices at the comparable time.  Car shipping customers and other customers alike will also enjoy the splendors of lowed fuel prices.

Phil Flynn, an analyst of the Price Futures Group in Chicago, states that steady oil markets are putting less pressure on diesel prices at the same time winter demand is easing up on crude oil used in both diesel and heating oil.

US Fuel Prices Finally Dropping in 2013
Crude oil closed out on March 14 at $93.03 whereas one year ago it was at a staggering $106.71.  The steady production of oil in the U.S. is making natural gas a quality option in the auto transportation industry being that both factors are beginning to affect diesel costs.

In the EIA’s short-term oil price report that was released on March 12, retail costs of diesel is anticipated to drop to $3.90 in 2013 from the previous $3.97 in 2012 and will drop even more to $3.80 in 2014.  “U.S. crude oil production exceeded an average level of 7 million barrels per day in November and December 2012, the highest volume since December 1992,” the EIA report said.

It’s a recurring search for new ways and technologies to decrease fuel consumption and increase gas mileage, but after the ten year long search it is finally paying off. 

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

2013 Geneva Motor Show Unveils Ferrari’s New Supercar – LaFerrari

Ferrari is always on top in the supercar world and they now have reached out into more of the Formula 1 racing scene in producing a hybrid car that uses less fuel, emits fewer CO2 particles and check this out…it accelerates to 60 mph in less than 3 seconds.

The Ferrari LaFerrari obtains more power under braking or when the motor creates excess power to the battery by which is then transferred to 2 electric engines.  The first one gives a boost to the gas engine and the other one feeds the accessories. 

This supercar has something called the HY-KERS system which stands for hybrid kinetic energy recovery system.  The system runs in conjunction with the engine and never solo, categorizing it as a mild hybrid like the Civic and Malibu. 

The Ferrari LaFerrari has a couple of aliases, the F70 and the F150.  It was initially introduced at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show and then the Frankfurt Auto Show – the world’s 2 biggest automotive showcases.  The 2013 shows were showcasing high-performance, ‘green’, and mainstream cars for world markets.

How does KERS work, you ask?

This kind of technology is all about renewable energy - that in yesterday’s vehicles would be wasted.   So, for instance, the Toyota Prius is a good example of renewable energy because it uses this technology so that the vehicle only runs a mile or so on battery before the gas engine kicks in.  This KERS is additional power on top of the already high powered combustion engine creates (much like a turbocharger but more efficient)

A couple of interesting methods that are used to create this energy are:
  1. The spinning up of a flywheel while braking
  2. Transferring power to supercapacitors

Both of the methods work for about 10 seconds because of two reasons; either all of the storage systems are used up or because the sanctioning body limits the vehicle to a fixed amount of boost per lap.  The system then changes the energy and pushes it to a pair batteries that are bolted to the cars carbon fiber frame.  The first battery feeds the propulsion system and the other diverts power to the cars accessories, i.e. windshield wipers, A/C, audio system, etc.

Environmental Gains

The LaFerrari emits about 330g of CO2/km in the European emissions testing cycle, which is roughly about 10 percent less than other V12 Ferrari’s.  The development team says that this car isn’t exactly an active hybrid like the Prius because that is not the main goal of the vehicle at the moment. 

Cost of the Ferrari LaFerrari

The price is an estimated $1.3 million and there will only be about 499 units made.  The veteran clients of Ferrari get first dibs on the new supercar and get a nice discounted rate of $700k to continue to deliver the brand to enthusiasts instead of speculators. 

Moving Ferrari's and other supercars is easy with N-Motion Auto Transport’s specialized Ferrari car shipping and enclosed auto transport programs.  Call today for a free car shipping quote and enjoy the ride!


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

N-Motion Auto Transport Now Delivering Instant Auto Shipping Quotes via


N-Motion Auto Transport is giving classic car collectors a simpler solution to getting auto transport rates on with their online functionality. 

As a part of N-Motion Auto Transport’s ongoing campaign to increase awareness and proper pricing in the automobile transportation industry, they are aligning themselves with relative automotive companies and websites. is one of the many websites happily offering the auto shipping services of N-Motion Auto Transport. 

Founded by Salvatore of Arizona, has had the privilege of offering the world a wide array of collector vehicles.  Salvatore grew up in the auto industry and learned everything about it along the way.  The emergence of has really boosted the collector car market while offering silent auto auctions to thousands of customers in over 70 countries. 

The alignment of N-Motion Auto Transport and will only improve the automobile industry and fuel the passion of all collector car enthusiasts around the world.  With N-Motion Auto Transports reliable car shipping services and’s quality automobile options, car collectors are covered in every aspect of the purchase.

N-Motion Auto Transport has provided all customers visiting with simple access to receive auto shipping quotes.  With the click of a button, clients can fill out an online car shipping quote form and in the matter of minutes they will receive a phone call from a friendly N-Motion agent to discuss the customers transport needs.  N-Motion creates specialized transport programs that fit with the customer’s specific criteria.   Clients will also receive an email with all information discussed and a quote number so that when the time comes to transport that vehicle, they can easily place the order without delay.

Monday, March 11, 2013

From Tractors to Supercars, Lamborghini Veneno is the Newest of the Bunch

About 50 years ago, Ferruccio Lamborghini was made famous from his finely built tractors in Italy, but his passion was more for sports cars.  So with this, he turned his sights on building a better, faster car than his rival in Italy, Enzo Ferrari.  He established Automobili Lamborghni in 1963 and it has now grown to be one of the most well-known brands in the automobile world. 

Even long after the death of both Enzo and Ferruccio, their brand names continue to thrive and awe the masses.  The corporate rivalry has increased both companies’ sales and has only helped the two brands become more powerful.  At the recent Geneva Auto Show this year, Lamborghini brought out a beast that no one had ever seen before: the extremely exclusive Lamborghini Veneno. 

What many thought would be the fastest car on the market with such a high price tag, ironically it’s not!  This $3.9 million cost of the Veneno nearly tripled the value of the new hyper-hybrid LaFerrari.  Both super cars exceed 350 km/hr but the Lamborghini took the cake with its massive pre-tax sticker price.

Talk about exclusive!  Only 3 Venenos were built and all three were pre-sold.  This is also considered one of the most extreme Lamborghinis in their showroom due to its over-the-top futuristic styling.  With scissor-style doors, large rear spoiler, air scoop mounted on the roof and “shark fin” stabilizer, the Veneno is far more than just a car….it’s a showpiece!

Many people may like it but there are many naysayers that just think it’s too much for them.  Many would rather have the sleeker LaFerrari because it’s a third of the cost and doesn’t look as outrageous. 
In comparison, the LaFerrari combined a gas engine with an electric motor to conservce fuel and and reduce CO2 emissions while the Veneno and its 6.5 liter V12 knows nothing of the sort (what is green?)

Let’s just compare the two real quick:

Lamborghini Veneno
Ferrari LaFerrari
Engine Size
6.5 liter V12
6.3 liter V12
0-60 Mph
2.8 seconds
Less than 3 seconds
Top Speed
221 Mph
230 Mph

For enclosed auto transport, exotic car shipping & car delivery services for such vehicles, call N-Motion Auto Transport today!