Wednesday, December 30, 2009

MOL Develops Advanced Car Carrier Concept ISHIN-I

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL), a multi-modal transportation company, developed an advanced eco-friendly car carrier concept, Innovations in Sustainability backed by Historically proven, INtegrated technologies (ISHIN-I or ishin one). MOL has refined existing technologies to develop the new concept. And in fact, the Japanese word ISHIN means complete reform or revitalization. The carrier will use large-capacity rechargeable lithium ion batteries and solar-power panels to achieve zero carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions while loading and unloading, and the carrier is docked. CO2 emissions will be reduced by 41% to 50% while it is under way. The vessel will carry 6.400 standard passenger cars.

Contra-rotating propeller drive system combines an electric propulsion system and a diesel engine to optimize efficiency. The ISHIN-I will feature state-of-the-art propeller boss cap fins (PBFC), an energy-saving system of MOL which is already being used by 1,700 vessels. Improvements in hull shape will reduce wind pressure from the sides and bow. Ultra-low friction ship bottom paint will trap water on the coated surface, reducing friction drag by 10%. Optimum voyage support system uses up to date marine weather information and selects the most fuel-efficient and the shortest routes depending on hull type. The new vessel compatible with new Panama Canal will recover and reuse the energy from the exhaust gas. Electronic controls will enhance the engine, optimizing fuel supply.

MOL has also completed concept for ISHIN-II, a passenger and cargo ferry that will use liquefied natural gas (LNG) for power generation system and main engine. LNG based fuel will substantially reduce CO2, SOx and NOx emissions. The company will continue to design next-generation containerships, tankers, bulkships and ferries.

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Developing Countries Auto Transport

One of the downsides of producing goods in a developing country is that there often isn’t good infrastructure for getting goods to market; the low costs that a company gets from the inexpensive labor are often offset by added shipping costs. An example of this flows from this piece on Indian car maker Maruti Suzuki.

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GM Runs KC Plan Round the Clock

Here’s some good news for car haulers; GM is going to be going around the clock at their Fairfax assembly plant in Kansas City, where they make the well-received Chevrolet Malibu and Buick Lacrosse. They are adding a permanent third shift, shortening the three shifts so that they have two hours of maintenance each day. Such three-shift schedules are rare for car makers on a regular basis, with two shifts being the max in most cases.

Quality control will be the big issue for the Fairfax plant; if GM can do maintenance in two hours rather than six without losing quality, the plan can mean that they can maximize the use of their capital in an era where building new plants might not be feasible given GM’s financial position.

The extra shift will mean an extra 1800 cars coming off the Fairfax assembly line, or over 200 nine-car haulers a day. Or night, since there will be new cars coming off the line during the graveyard shift ready to send to the dealers. That would mean that, if GM wants to be as just-in-timey as they can, there will be 200 loads of cars each night ready to be picked up. A two-driver tandem can be busy around the clock in this system, with the only turnaround constraint being the dealer being open to receive new cars when the drivers get there.

If you’re a GM-affiliated hauler in the Midwest, this is good news, for you’re going to be rather busy, especially if you can tag-team the driving.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

GM Hires New CFO

Cost cutting seems to be the focus for new GM CFO Christopher Liddell, who will be coming over from Microsoft, where he was their CFO; the one bullet point on his resume seems to be overseeing a $3 billion cost-cutting plan there. He has an engineering background, which should serve him well, for he can understand the development process better than a pure finance guy.

The difference between GM and Microsoft is that he’ll be working from a position of weakness, where the cost-cutting will be a necessity, rather than a desired item for a very profitable company. Also, having to work in a very competitive industry will be different from a company where they are used to a near-monopoly in the operating system business and some strong pricing power in the office-software business; that seems more like the GM of the 1960s rather than the 2010s.

He comes on board just after GM came to terms with the Teamsters over a car-hauling contract, so those cost-cutting measures are unlikely to directly impact the car-transport industry. Working with the UAW will be a challenge, but lessened by the fact that they own a majority of the company; cost cutting will be harder in a blue-collar unionized environment rather than a white-collar non-unionized setting.

However, the secondary effects may be as dramatic. There are still ongoing negotiations over how many dealerships to close, as a lot of dealers shuttered during the closings from earlier this year. If Liddell holds a hard line on those closures, it will be harmful to car haulers, since there will be fewer dealers to haul to.

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I-83 to I-695 Bridge Improvements

Car transport drivers that were planning on traveling over the bridge (flyover ramp) from southbound I-83 (Baltimore-Harrisburg Expressway) to eastbound I-695 (Baltimore-Beltway) and Maryland Highway 139 (Charles Street) may want to rethink there route. At the present moment in time the Maryland State Highway Administration has bridge construction crews working on the bridge and traveling over the bridge will be a little slow. There will be two lanes open to traffic during construction, but traffic will be split between them depending on the ramp the crews are working on.

There will actually be 3 phases of construction for the entire project to be completed. The first phase will shift the traffic flow to the right side of the ramp, so people traveling to the left are out of luck. Phase 2 of the project will create a barrier between the lanes that will split the traffic flow into one lane heading in each direction. Phase 3 of the project will shift the traffic flow to the left side of the bridge ramp, and people wanting to travel to the right over the bridge will be left out in the cold.

During each phase the bridge construction crews will take out and replace the top part of the concrete surface of the roadway and then resurface the ramp deck with new concrete.

They have presently finished phase 1 of the project and are now in phase 2, so if you were planning on this bridge you can do it in both directions, but expect it to take longer to get over to the other side.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Inexperienced Car Haulers, They cost everyone

Car haulers can do a lot of damage to their cargo and to the rest of society. Not everyone who can drive a car or SUV can handle the job of auto transport. Like any other type of freight, expertise is essential. Appropriate training in the field is imperative—after all, you don’t just drive a car up onto a flatbed, chain it down, and then hit the road. Car haulers need to:

- Complete a certified training course—it benefits you and everyone else in the long run.
- Acquire the necessary liability insurance to cover their cargo, trailer, and truck…and other drivers they may “encounter” on the road.
- Know where to park their trucks to keep their cargo safe—whether they’re stopping for a quick bathroom break or overnight on a long haul.
- Be experienced at defensive driving—how many times have you seen an accident caused by someone swerving suddenly in front of a rig?
- Know how to properly park a trailer—flatbeds and enclosed containers don’t park themselves; they take finesse to maneuver.
- Understand that they can’t drive twenty-four hours a day and expect to get ahead.
- Know how to keep an up to date logbook.
- Understand the regulations concerning roadways trucking services—and there are a lot of regulations.
- Know how many cars their rig can handle.
- Know how to properly secure the cars in their load to avoid damaging them.

Truck driving schools are all over the country. Do yourself—and everyone else a favor—and sign up for one before attempting to haul anyone’s valuable car.

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Port of Portland Loves those Cars, to the tune of nearly $900 million/year

People generally take it for granted just how their brand new Toyota gets to their driveway. There is much more to it than just going to the dealer and driving it home. The journey for the car began many, many days earlier thousands of miles away. It did not reach U.S. soil till after being loaded onto an automobile ship and being offloaded at its destination port.

The Port of Portland is one of the major destinations in the United States for overseas auto shipping. From there, railcars are used for transporting vehicles to twenty six different states, some as far as the east coast.

Automobile shipping brings a tremendous economic impact to the region. Nearly $90 million alone was generated in taxes (state and local). Just fewer than 12000 jobs are created annually at the four terminals that service the automobile ships. Almost $871 million in income is created as well. Estimates calculate the economic benefit to the region for each car imported is $318.

Just last February the Port of Portland was designated the first port of call for the largest automobile ship in the world, the Morning Lisa of Eukor Car Carriers Inc. The vessel has a capacity of 8011 units making the economic impact for each subsequent visit (assuming it is full) to be over $2.5 million.

The Port of Portland typically handles around 400,000 automobiles a year. Volume was a little low in 2008; approximately 9% down from the previous year. The highest number of vehicles transported through the Port was in 2006 (463,557 total units).

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You get what you pay for, Be aware of cheap auto transports

One old adage that has withstood the test of time has been the familiar you get what you pay for. If you look t have the kid down the street paint your house it will look like the kid down the street did it. However, if you want the job down well you’ll have to dish out a little money in order to get it.

The same is true when it comes to shipping a car to wherever you may need it. You can go for dirt cheap vehicle shipping and take the chance that your car may not get to the destination in the same shape it was when you turned it over to them (although maybe it will). While using the most expensive automobile shipper may guarantee that your car will arrive safe and in the condition you last saw it, unless your wealthy this option is not the best either.

To get the best car shipping price possible you have to do your homework. Get multiple vehicle transport quotes from different companies. However, you also need to be sure that you ask these vehicle haulers the right questions such as cancellation policies and insurance fees involved in shipping a car from point A to point B.

Be aware of whether or not it may be worth it to transport a car. If the value of the vehicle is under the amount which it would cost to transport it be sure you really like your car before making the commitment. One interesting fact to know- it costs more to ship a vehicle that does not run than one that does!

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Car Shipping to Sweden, What You Need

Car shipping to Sweden can be a tedious process. Where do you start? The very first thing you should do is get all your documents in order. You will be needing the bill of sale of the car to be shipped out, proof of registration from the state you are currently at, a copy of your passport’s photo page, and the title of the car that is if it has a lien.

If you have the original title of your car, give it to US Customs so that they will release your vehicle to be transported out of the country. Work with a broker who will be able to handle the title for you. When forwarding to your broker, use FedEx or any US registered mail where you can trace the transaction –this will be a security that the title is forwarded to US Customs. The broker’s job is to ensure that the original title goes back to you as this will be needed when your car is finally on Swedish soil.

Be prepared to pay $2000 plus to ship the car but if you do not use a broker you will save more. However, you will be doing the paperwork yourself. You will have to deliver the car to the port as well. For those who are coming from the West Coast, be prepared for the charges because there will be a need to use trucking services for the car to be delivered to its departure port. Getting a Marine Cargo Insurance is also recommended so that your car is covered during the shipment.

Like in all car shipments, using roll-on-roll-off is the cheapest way to go. Another way is to ship it with all your personal effects –everything n one container. In the end however it might turn out to be more expensive so the best way to make that decision is to do your research because transport companies have different promos and discounts and of course prices.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Grade Inflation in Car Haulers, A Rash of Firms With AAA and AAAA Names

If home run champ Hank Aaron, who owns a number of dealerships in metro Atlanta where he spent most of his career, got into the car hauling business, he’d be well down the listings, for it seems that quite a few firms in the car-hauling business have names that are designed to be first in an alphabetical list.

A look at the listings at has a truck load of names ahead of Hammerin’ Hank; “A-AAA Auto Transport, Inc, AA Auto Movers, AAA Anytime Inc, AAA Discount Auto & Truck Transporters, AAAll States Auto Transport, Inc.” That’s more As than even a good MBA class of mine from my teaching days.

How are you supposed to decide which of these firms would be good to use? People’s default response is to either call the firm with the biggest ad in the phone book, the first firm to show up in a Google search or, if they dig deeper, the first name on the list in the phone book. Firms that give themselves a three or four A name are trying to optimize their position in a list rather than tell something about themselves with their name.

There are some A names that have some quality. The American Automobile Association does a good job for travelers and Alcoholics Anonymous has changed the lives of a number of people who needed the help. However, these aren’t likely to be of that quality. What should a consumer think of a firm whose name acts like an antsy student with his hand waiving in the air? Not much.


Transport As Professionals Do, Find a good compant and stick with it

If you have just bought a car from a distant location, and need to get it transported to either your lot, or someone else’s, make sure you use a auto transport company that everyone agrees on. Often time’s people don’t like a particular service for a very good reason.

There was a recent story in the news about a group of thieves that went around with a multicar transporter that pretended to be a real company- stole the real company’s identity and everything - and then started going around picking up several cars at once, the just driving off with them. I know it sounds like that could never happen, but it did as recently as 2 weeks ago. As far as I know, the FBI is still looking for them.
If you are doing business with somebody new, get to know them, and the people they do business with on a regular basis. Not only does it make life a little easier, but more often than not you will be treated like family, and given a little more respect once everyone involved starts getting repeat business.

Like a lot of businesses, vehicle transport can be a small world. Even though they may be driving across the country, if they do it all the time, these professionals will know about most of the potential hazards, and places to avoid. They will have learned what saves time, and what saves money.
So if you are in need for a good auto transport company , try to find on that you like, the learn how to do business their way.

Shipping your valuable car to your new home, Protect it with enclosed trailers

Sometimes when you move to a new home it is not possible for you to simply drive your car from your old home to your new. If you have a pretty valuable car you do not really want to put a lot of miles on your vehicle anyway. That is where auto shipping companies come in hand.

Pretty much any reputable vehicle shipping company can be found online and will even provide you with a vehicle shipping quote online. A good site will give you plenty of options especially when it comes to protecting your valuable vehicle.

Enclosed auto shipping is an option that is available to offer your car the protection that you want it to have. These closed type of trailers will be more expensive so it would behoove you to get at least three online quotes from different auto shipping companies. When you are spending extra money on this type of vehicle transport be sure that you are aware of any additional fees that the company may have tacked on.

If you do not opt to spend the extra money on shipping your valuable car in an enclosed vehicle hauler than you need to be sure and take every precaution possible for your car. Be absolutely certain of the condition your car is in and document everything. Check with your insurance company to see that it will be covered in case anything happens to it, just in case the auto shipping company's insurance is inadequate.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Auto Transport to Hawaii

Auto transport is one of the greatest challenges while relocating to Hawaii as well as shipping household items, and other personal belongings. Transporting a car or a container of household goods normally takes 3-4 weeks. Cars and other vehicles are shipped in separate individual containers, however quite a number of sea carriers allow partial containers of such household goods.

One company that has been providing car shipping services to and from Hawaii is Hawaii Car Shipping. Whether you are in need of a door-to-door or a port-to-port auto shipment, they will tailor your relocation and transport services right before your deadlines. They are available 24/7 all year-round. Their port locations in Hawaii include Honolulu, Hilo, Kahului, Kawaihae, Nawiliwili, Kaunakakai and Kaumalapau. All of their agents are certified skilled workers so they are able to deliver the container to your place for packing and then retrieve it for a proficient delivery. It is also necessary to leave your keys with the shipping company once you are ready for the car shipping. Hawaii Car Shipping recommends preparing a spare key for the ignition, gas cap, trunk and other locked compartments for their company to use. It is highly recommended that the ‘Marine Shipping Insurance’ be taken out on the car that you are shipping to or from Hawaii. Mostly, the company that is shipping your car will not be responsible for possible car damages amounting over $500.

Transport Hawaii is also another dependable service when it comes to auto shipping. Whether you have to move to Hawaii, relocate to Hawaii or in need of shipping your vehicle to Hawaii, they will customize their services to meet your requirements. They will be providing you with affordable car shipping rates for open or enclosed car transport service. In most cases, their trucks will collect your vehicle in 3-5 days. Transport Hawaii moves individuals, moving and relocation companies, private corporations as well as many car dealers nationwide. Transporting vehicles to Hawaii normally involves the loading and shipping of your vehicle in a locked, enclosed container. On the other hand, when all the available containers are filled, the remaining vehicles may be positioned on the upper and lower decks of the carrying vessel. Usually, loading is done on a first-come, first-serve basis after your vehicle’s check-in at the port.

Escalating Escalade Thefts, Car Theft Rings in CA After Luxury Cars

Here’s an interesting piece out of Canada, where two of the five most-stolen cars are 2002 and 2003 Cadillac Escalades. The thefts of Escalades are escalating, along with other luxury cars. Like the hot ’69 VW van that US customs caught heading overseas last month, the market for luxury cars often lies in foreign markets.

“Ghana, Nigeria, Dubai, Lebanon, the Middle East and Eastern Europe” were mentioned as the major markets for stolen luxury cars. In many of those places, the rule of law is shaky at best and checking for VIN numbers is often low on police department’s to-do lists. In such areas, the thief is often free and clear once the car clears customs going out of the US and Canada; the thieves often know who to bribe on the other end.

Even when you check for VIN numbers, there’s no guarantee that the number is legit; organized car-theft rings can substitute a VIN from a non-stolen car of the same make and move forward to either sell the car domestically or ship it overseas. In the US, you need a title to ship a car overseas, but if a thief can forge or misuse a notary seal, they can get a duplicate title for a nominal fee or just try and forge a title.

Checking VIN numbers and titles can be a pain for auto transporters, but it is needed to cut down on theft. Not being diligent in checking for VINs could get a car transporter in trouble; if the DOT folks spot-check VINs at a weigh station and they find a stolen car, the trucker could be up on auto theft charges.

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Take 3, They're Small, A Look at Take 3 Trailers

I can get major “husband points” if I bring home Blue Bell ice cream. Blue Bell is based out of Brenham, TX; the old ad copy had "The Cows think Brenham is Heaven." That came to mind as I continued to review car-transport trailer makers. Take 3 Trailers is based out of Brenham as well. Dave Brubeck already took Take 5 and Take 6 was already taken by a good gospel/jazz group, so they had to set their name sights lower.

However, a Take 3 can take five or six car haulers, or even seven with optional equipment. Most of their models are single-level haulers, but they do have a Six Pac hauler. That could be problematic when you pull through the weigh station and tell the state’s finest that you “picked up a Six Pac at my last stop.”

The lack of Great Lakes dealers that I saw in Cottrell isn’t a problem. They have dealers in Coruna, MI and Lima, OH on the I-75 corridor and in Morris, IL along I-80 west of Joliet. Interestingly, they have few dealers in the southwest, with only a dealer in Mt. Pleasant, TX between Florida and Arizona; the Northeast is another hole in their dealer network.

Take 3 also seems to cover truck supplies for everything from pickups on up to your Class 8 semis; this page has grill guards and other accessories to trick out your Texas Cadillac.

They may not have the scope of Cottrell, but they seem to have a broad range of trailers that fit every niche; the one weak spot is that the Six Pac is the only large car hauler that they have in their trailer line.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Shipping Cross Country Tips

Shipping cars cross country must be thought of carefully. There is a large number of companies which are either unlicensed or unreliable. With the auto transport industry being largely unregulated, determining which company can be trusted with the client’s possessions, regardless of value and volume. There are a number of other options available when shipping items cross country. Besides having them shipped, possessions can be packed in a trailer and having it towed by the client’s vehicle. It is also possible to rent another vehicle, such as a truck, and have the client’s vehicle towed. Finding out what the options are and which can provide the right services that are right on the budget can make the moving less stressful for anyone.

There are several steps that any individual needs to keep in mind when moving items cross country. First and foremost, a complete inventory of all possessions that need to be shipped must be made. It is important to determine the value of these possessions as it helps you decide if whether they are important to ship cross country or it may be more practical to buy a new one instead.

Document all important possessions by means of a photograph. Obtain a replacement cost only type of insurance as it replaces the item based on its value and not by its weight.

Do some research on airfare around the scheduled dates for moving. Some airline companies may be able to offer cheaper rates for the same dates. There are also airlines which allow passengers to carry a maximum luggage weight of 100 lbs. For more fragile items such as computers, individuals can opt to pay additional charges to bring the items during the flight.

Compare rates for trucks and trailers and see which ones are cheaper but provide reliable service. Research on what services companies can offer. There are companies that do the move for the client, including packing, loading and unloading while others offer the option of self shipping, which involves companies leaving a container truck at the individual’s residence. The owners are the ones responsible for the packing, loading and unloading while the company is responsible of driving the truck. It is also possible to have precise specifications and have the shipping companies bid on the project. Do the research on which companies can provide quality service for their customers. Other possible options include shipping by train or even bus.

Calculate the cost and effort in driving your own vehicle. This includes gas, food and other possible needs such as a flat tire or engine trouble.

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Green Vehicle Carrier M/V Auriga Leader, a pure car truck carrier (PCTC)

Vehicle carrier the M/V Auriga Leader, built in 2008, is the first solar power-propelled cargo ship of the world. The 656-foot Auriga Leader, a pure car truck carrier (PCTC), won the Ship of the Year Award at the Lloyd’s List Global Awards 2009. The ship weighing 60,213 gross tons features 328 solar panels that are used for running its propulsion system. The panels provide 0.05% of propulsion power of the ship and 1% of electricity required for lighting and pumping. The panels will bring down annual CO2 emissions by about 40 tons and fuel consumption by 13 tons, ensuring sizeable cost savings. The solar panels are not fixed on the ship to protect them from vibrations, wind pressure, salt-water erosion and other sea related factors. The panels are installed on car transport of the vessel, which can accommodate 6,400 vehicles.

Between December 19, 2008- the day of its maiden voyage and July 12 2009, the solar panel system of vessel produced 32,200 kilowatt-hours of electricity that equals to electricity consumed by 17 Japanese households in seven months. The electricity generated is 1.4 times higher than that was produced on land in Tokyo. The ship has successfully survived rough conditions- continuous lightning and rain, 3-4 meter high waves and strong winds.

Initially, the ship, a joint venture of Nippon Oil Corporation and Nippon Yusen K.K, will transport vehicles manufactured by Toyota Motor Corp, the leading Japanese automaker. By 2010, Nippon Yusen planned to reduce its carbon dioxide emission and fuel consumption to 50%.

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Shipping Cars Internationally, It isn't for the faint of heart

Shipping cars internationally is a business that is growing as the world’s population moves from country to country. Although all transportation methods are ever improving, it can still take up to three weeks to ship a car from the United States to one of the European countries.

Whether you’ve been transferred by your employer to an oilfield position in Iraq or you’ve decided to retire to a Mediterranean resort town, you may want to take your own vehicle with you. Driving it to its European or Middle Eastern destination isn’t really an option—there’s that whole ocean thing to get past. So you’re going to have to find a company that will ship your car for you.

International car shipping is a competitive industry. Look for a company with a solid reputation and a willingness to answer any question you might pose. Verify that they will take responsibility for following rules and regulations that you likely know nothing about—both in the United States and the foreign destination. What kind of paperwork must be filled out? Does the company have agents overseas who understand the customs and import rules of their particular country? What value added taxes (VAT) or duty charges might the destination country charge? What will the destination country inspect on your car: emissions, brakes, lights, or more? Does your car need to be altered in any way to allow for the fact that fuel is sold in liters instead of gallons? What about the speedometer? Most European countries measure distance in kilometers instead of miles.

In short, there’s a lot to think about when shipping vehicles internationally. Do your homework to ensure that your car will arrive at its destination without any issues.

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Auto Transport to Germany: Tips

Auto transport to a foreign land can be a rather stressful experience. Each country has specific laws and policies on how they accept imported items. Customers must have a deep understanding of the policies and laws for shipping vehicles to a country such as Germany to make sure that everything goes smoothly. It is also essential to know what documents may be asked and required in applying for importation permits or other legal documents.

When shipping any item to a foreign country, whether the item is small or large it is important to choose a company that is well experienced with customs policies for each and every country and that they provide quality delivery service. Compare rates and services on what companies in the auto transport industry are able to offer. Read reviews on recommended companies but be wary of biased opinions. Customers interested in having their vehicle shipped should take the initiative in knowing more about what is available as well as what is needed to avoid as much problems with having items shipped abroad.

There are no known limits in importing a vehicle to Germany. As compared to other countries, the duties, taxes and physical examinations of the vehicle do not depend on the age of the car and as such, all cars are equal. All cars being imported require a specific motor vehicle tax to be paid. This is done after the car’s registration. In addition, a 10% import duty is paid, which is based on the original price of the vehicle when it was first purchased, cost of the freight as well as the insurance. A 15% VAT is also required which depends on the vehicle’s price, the cost of the freight and import duty. Special edition cars may also be charged an additional 7% depending on the situation.

If your car is not working well and declared as unsafe for driving in German roads, you will have a very big problem. Apart from that, Germany also sees to every part of the car so be sure that your car is A-OK because it will undergo a very rigorous process.

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Strapping Young Haulers, Teamsters Blast Strap-Using Haulers

Here’s a piece on the Teamster’s Damage When Delivered report trying to counter the move towards non-unionized car haulers for GM and Chrysler. One of the critiques mentioned was that their non-unionized rivals “take fewer safety precautions – such as using straps rather than chains – to secure cars on the rigs.”

According to this page, some cars (Mercedes, Audis, Volkswagens) are required to be hauled using tire straps rather than chains. Chains tend to be stronger, but straps can be strong enough to do the job. The key statistic to look for in a strap is the safe working load limit or SWL. The strap proper may have a higher rating, but the SWL looks at the weakest points, usually where the hoop loops through the strap.

A light SWL might not be enough to hold down a bigger vehicle in a rough spot, so having a strong strap would be a must. At least four straps or chains need to be used for proper safety, so the Teamster’s note of some folks using two straps would be a breech of safety.

However, it seems that using straps in and of itself isn’t unsafe. In fact, chains bouncing around might be more likely to damage the car in transit than straps would and if the sales point of the Teamsters is to promote a lack of car damage, this doesn’t help their cause.

Straps versus chains is an Windows-versus-Mac type of argument, with fans on both sides. The Teamsters seem to be on the chain side, but that doesn’t make the strappers bad folks.


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Friday, December 11, 2009

Shipping P-NUTs, How Microcars Might Affect Transporters

One of the most talked-about cars at the LA Auto Show this week is Honda’s Personal Neo Urban Transport or P-NUT. It is a “microcar” with three seats, including a driver’s seat in the middle of the car and two rear seats flanking it. Since it is one of those “concept cars” that may or may not translate into an actual showroom car, the engine and other details are open, but a modular engine bay could hold a number of different engine types.

As gas prices increase, the allure of such microcars will increase. For getting around town in most situations, you really don’t need a four-door sedan with a trunk or way-back. A family might need one bigger “grocery-getter” for shopping and long-range trips, but cars like the P-NUT might be an option for a second car for you or your spouse to commute to work in.

However, the title of the P-NUT gives something away. It’s designed as an urban car, not a cross-country cruiser. That’s going to make moving the P-NUT problematic if someone moves a long distance or is a snowbird using it as their second car. That should increase the demand for car transport companies, as people won’t want to drive it across country on their own.

I’m not an expert on the mechanics of car transport, but these microcars may create their own sets of problems for transporters. Loads involving the same types of cars tend to be faster than a mixed load, and trying to haul microcars and big vans and SUVs at the same time could be problematic.

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Cross Country Car Transportation, Getting Your Car from Point A to Point B

Lots of folks would rather spend the money to have someone drive their life’s belongings across country and drive their family vehicle rather than pay to have the vehicle transported. Now there are some that simply rent a trailer or hook up a hitch to the back of the truck and tow their car, but ask anyone that does that (and has not done so very much) and they will undoubtedly tell you what an absolute pain in the rear end that is.

Car moving is really just as common as moving furniture. There are a few different ways in which car transportation services is done, too.

The most inexpensive and most common is the one we have all seen at one time or another. Ever notice that trailer with two levels of cars driving down the freeway? There not always new cars (in case you have not noticed). Many auto transport companies are more than happy to deliver your car from where it is to where it needs to go. Companies with open bed carriers often advertise door to door service to boot (although in most cases that is an approximate term).

Depending on the time of year and how much you love your car you may want to consider the less common and more expensive route of using an enclosed container for your car transportation needs. Road conditions could possibly cause damage to your baby not to mention things from the other cars transported along with yours. Whether you choose to use soft side or metal containers, this method is more expensive, but it also offers the most protection.

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Solar Powered Car Carriers

Federal environmental organizations such as the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA has quickened up the pace in administering more stringent rules to protect the environment better. More recently, the EPA is planning to release a ruling on allowable shipping emissions. The private sector is keeping up with these developments in their own ways. Toyota has created their own, a partly solar powered auto carrier. Known as the Auriga Leader, it has 328 panels built oto the ship, producing a maximum 40 kilowatts, reducing the need for additional electricity and essentially reducing the amount of pollution it produces.
The Auriga Leader is 60,000 ton ship that is able to transport a maximum of 6,200 Toyota, Scion and Lexus cars from their main base in Japan to showrooms in Long Beach California. This integration is a sign of progress in the right direction. According to the executive director of the Long Beach Port Richard Steinke, it is essential to use more sustainable technologies in the bid to staying globally competitive. EPA appears to acknowledge and agree with this progress towards environmental sustainability, stating that reducing emissions shows that the American administration is serious with regards to safeguarding the health of its current and future generations as well as the environment.

This is a small step but an essential one. Large carrier ships for passenger, cargo as well as oil tankers produce an immense amount of pollution, more true with the increasing amount of demand and use of the ports. With this as well as the implementation of the proposal from the EPA, there would be significant improvement in health felt, not just limited to the ports and coastlines in the United State.

Make sure to ship your vehicle with a auto transport company you trust with your car.

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Solar Powered Auto Transporters

Federal environmental organizations such as the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA has quickened up the pace in administering more stringent rules to protect the environment better. More recently, the EPA is planning to release a ruling on allowable shipping emissions. The private sector is keeping up with these developments in their own ways. Toyota has created their own, a partly solar powered auto carrier. Known as the Auriga Leader, it has 328 panels built oto the ship, producing a maximum 40 kilowatts, reducing the need for additional electricity and essentially reducing the amount of pollution it produces.
The Auriga Leader is 60,000 ton ship that is able to transport a maximum of 6,200 Toyota, Scion and Lexus cars from their main base in Japan to showrooms in Long Beach California. This integration is a sign of progress in the right direction. According to the executive director of the Long Beach Port Richard Steinke, it is essential to use more sustainable technologies in the bid to staying globally competitive. EPA appears to acknowledge and agree with this progress towards environmental sustainability, stating that reducing emissions shows that the American administration is serious with regards to safeguarding the health of its current and future generations as well as the environment.

This is a small step but an essential one. Large carrier ships for passenger, cargo as well as oil tankers produce an immense amount of pollution, more true with the increasing amount of demand and use of the ports. With this as well as the implementation of the proposal from the EPA, there would be significant improvement in health felt, not just limited to the ports and coastlines in the United States.

Do your part and ship your vehicle with a auto transport company.

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More Diesel Car Coming, German, Indian Makers Selling Diesels

The LA Auto Show is going on this week, which will lead to a lot of concept cars getting buzzed about as the cars of the 2010s (which is only four weeks away, how time flies) start to take shape. This Popular Mechanics article talks about diesel cars and how most of the US and Japanese auto makers are avoiding diesel engines.

However, the German car makers are big diesel fans; given that Mr. Diesel was German, it’s natural for them to back their hometown technology. One interesting concept car that is mentioned is the VW Up Light, which is a diesel-battery hybrid that gets 70MPG. New clean diesel fuel and engines make diesel cars and trucks far less polluting than in the past; Audi has been running a "Diesel: It's No Longer a Dirty Word" campaign to remind people of the changes in the technology.

The lede might have been buried in this piece, for only in the final paragraph does it mention that Indian car maker Mahindra is poised to enter the US market this year with a mid-sized pickup that will come with only a diesel engine; Mahindra is better known stateside for their agricultural tractors. I would have expected Tata to be the first Indian car company to get an American toe-hold, but they’ve been beaten to the march.

The prospect of more diesel in cars and light trucks would be a double-edged sword for the trucking industry. It would increase the demand for diesel which would raise the price, but a broader demand for diesel would tend to create more stable price for diesel.

When buying cars from car shows make sure to get the vehicle back home safe by transporting with a safe car shippingauto transport company.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fluctuating Average Vehicle Shipping Cost, auto transport, vehicle shipping cost

As per the CentralDispatch Dealer Vehicle Transportation Reports published in April, August, September and October 2009, from Florida to Texas, the average vehicle (used car) shipping cost plummeted to $461 in October 2009 from $630 in March 2009. However, it went up from $506 in May 09 to $527 in August 09 and then fell to $517 in September 09. Texas to Florida, the cost rose from $394 in March 09 to $438 in October 09. In August and September, the cost stood at $478 and $484 respectively. Within Texas, average vehicle shipping cost increased from $199 in March 09 to $208 in the following month and decreased by $8 in May 09. The cost reached $213 in September 09 and slid to $193 in the next month.

From Mar 09 to Oct 09, the cost recorded a decline of more than 26% on Florida to Texas route whereas the cost zoomed up by about 11% on the Texas to Florida route. The average used car shipping cost dropped by 3% within Texas.

The reports cover only vehicle shipping dealers using CentralDispatch that connects carriers and dependable auto shippers. The auto transport sector company, based in California, boasts a centralized database of the US-based licensed interstate car carriers.

A Little Taste of Home, Things you need to remember when shipping

Shipping a car can be a great way to bring a little taste of home to wherever life brings you. New places feel strange enough as it is. Driving around and getting lost in your own car can make the whole learning curve just a little bit easier to deal with.

When using a auto transport company to ships your vehicle from home to wherever you are going there are some general preparation rules you should follow in order to insure that your vehicle gets where you want it in a safe and timely fashion. It may seem silly, but you should have your vehicle washed; it will help expedite the inspection when it gets to your destination. Be absolutely certain that any alarms are turned off. You don’t want your battery to be dead plus who knows if the ship’s crew might feel the need to stop it by whatever means necessary. Some ships have low overheads so be sure that your antennae is lowered and anything attached to the vehicle, i.e. bike or ski racks. You also want to have your gas tank about a quarter full; just enough for it to be driven from the dock to the ship and from the ship to the shipping yard once it arrives at its destination.

Basically, when you are car shipping you want to do whatever you can to make the shipping process easier. The less there is on the outside, the easier it will be to secure and the less likely there will be any damage during transportation. The sea can be very strange and powerful and you never know what forces will be exerted on your car.

DC Auto Shows

Sunday was always a big day in Washington, DC where I grew up because this was the day that all the historic car buffs could drive their cars on the road without penalty. There is a law that says the owners will not have to pay any taxes on their historic cars, if they use them only for show, and drive them only on Sundays. So every Sunday we would see antique car buffs riding around town, and up and down the highways.

Occasionally, we would see convoys of them; cars, motorcycles, modified street legal things, making their way north to car shows that almost always attracted anyone who saw them drive by. The drivers of these cars were as interesting to look at as the cars were themselves. I can remember one tractor trailer in particular that was loaded with all kinds of classic cars, heading north on one of these special Sundays. Clearly, he was going to the car show, and he was being followed by all the owners of his precious cargo. To this day, you will still see the occasional Sunday when all the Historic cars are out, only they will not be driven like just any other car. They will be professionally loaded and protected in order to preserve their value. You can be sure the auto transport industry is well aware of this market, and caters to meet them.

If you have an antique, modified, or classic car that you want to drive around town, let a professional auto transport company take you there, so you don’t have to be concerned about picking up stone chips and more mileage. Save your driving for where it really counts and go with a car shipping professional.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Auto Transport Brokers, Does the average guy need one?

You want your car transported across the country but you have no idea who to call, who to trust, or who is available. What’s the best thing to do when you don’t have the time or the knowledge to interview every auto transport company in town? Contact an auto transport broker.

These companies have the expertise and the industry contacts to which you probably don’t have access. They have information about the carriers in your area and, for a reasonable fee, they can hook you up with the one that best suits your transportation needs. They can provide you with information on several companies as well as their routes, delivery schedules, and prices.

Speaking of prices, auto transport brokers can often get you a better deal with a carrier than you could get on your own. Like insurance companies negotiating with hospitals and doctors, they can often negotiate prices with the transport companies. That alone could be well worth the fee that they charge you.

Car transport brokers also should ensure that the vehicle transport companies with which they work are fully licensed and insured. And the very best brokers won’t just forget about you once they put you into contact with a carrier. They should follow the delivery of your car to its final destination, making sure you stay informed of any issues that might arise. Of course the transport company itself should be in contact with you throughout the process, but it helps to have a professional broker on your side as well. After all, you might be just one of thousands of jobs a transporter works, but if you are referred by a broker who sends a lot of work their way, the transporter will want to keep the broker happy, too.

Auto Transport Helps You Buy an Electric Car

So you've made up your mind that you want to buy an electric car. Great decision! But how are you going to get it? Few auto dealers even sell electric cars, unless they are hybrid models. The answer is to buy your green car, then have it shipped to you.

It used to be that auto transport was a business reserved for dealers, brokers and car makers. Today, with the growth of cites like eBay where you can buy a car from anywhere, private personal use of auto shipping is much more common.

If not for the Internet, buying a green car would mean traveling to a major city hundreds of miles away just to make a purchase. Now, you can research anything you want to know about your new purchase, buy the car and use auto transport to have it delivered to you. You never even have to take to a car dealer if you don't want to.

At first, people were a little slow to use car transport. Many would try to plan vacations around buying a car from an online auction so they could fly out and drive the car back. Unless you can combine trips, this is the most expensive way you could ship a car you bought online. As auto buyers began to realize that auto transport is more affordable, the service became more popular. Now the big benefit is reduced carbon emissions. An airplane is far more polluting than a car transporter.

So once you've done your research and you have found the perfect green car, don't be afraid to buy it online. Auto transport companies are ready and waiting to help you get that car home. You don't need to waste your carbon emissions on a plane ticket out to your new electric car.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Who Uses Auto Transport?

Auto Transport can be done by anyone needing to move a car. If you are being relocated due to your job,have purchased a car in another state, or you are just moving to another area. Anyone can utilize auto transport.

Here are a few other types of people that use auto transport:

Military servicemen, too, utilize auto shipping services. Since the military can only ship one of their vehicles, and many servicemen (and women) have families with multiple vehicles, it falls on them to ship a car with a car shipping company. Many companies offer a military discount, so if you’re in the military be sure to ask different companies if they offer military discounts, and always remember to shop around – you don’t want to book with the first company you see.

Professional athletes use car transport as well. Before and after the season to get their cars from their homes to the players teams city. Spring training,preseason, summer leagues. Athletes often like to have their personal vehicles wherever they are at. An auto transport broker/company can help with the logistics of this need.

Dealerships also use vehicle shipping, to utilize car shipping companies and services, mainly because of the fact that they can get a better deal on shipping multiple cars with someone else rather than the manufacturer, and in many cases this is true. Independent companies often have lower prices than the manufacturer because they’re able to provide cheaper services due to the way they operate. Brokerages can get cheap prices because they aren't tied down to certain trucks and certain routes, meaning they can shop around to get you the best prices on shipping your vehicle.

How to Manage Car Shipping for Online Auctions

So you're looking at a sweet deal on a classic car at an online auction. Before you place that bid, take a minute to learn about the best ways to protect your investment during car shipping. There are a few steps you must take between getting that car at auction and actually getting it to your door.

Online auctions don't take care of the auto shipping for you. They don't even partner with any providers so you can at least have some sense of trust. You have to pick your own. Take the time to investigate a shipper's experience dealing with online auction purchases. You won't be there to inspect the car when it is picked up so make sure you ask some questions.

Even if you already feel comfortable with the car shipping company you choose, take a minute to get a quote before you place your bid. Find out about any extra costs, insurance or other concerns and get the full price before making a final decision. If it costs more to ship the car than it is worth, are you really getting a deal?

The cost of car shipping can vary depending on where the vehicle is being shipped from, what insurance options you choose and other factors. It is also important to check availability. How long will it be before the car transport company can pick up the car you buy? Make sure it is within the seller's requirements.

Now you are ready to buy, but wait! What happens if there is a problem with the car once it arrives at your door? Although many auctions offer local inspection services, other things can go unnoticed. If there are problems with the car not addressed in the auction, you are not obligated to pay for the car. Call the seller and find out how you can return the car if everything is not in order or as advertised. If the seller cannot stand behind the vehicle, you may be better off waiting for the next sweet auction deal to come along.

Auto Transport and International Moving

Relocation can be exhausting, and the stress is manifold with international moves. In fact, figuring out the new accommodation and handling the legalities and paperwork are only the tip of the iceberg. It is vital that you not only choose a reputable moving company, but one that is affordable yet professional. If you also need to ship a car or your motorcycle, your best bet would be to shop around online for the best deals.

This can be easier said than done considering the vast amount of info that the Internet throws at you. Finding a reliable auto transport company may be as simple as getting a recommendation from a friend, or browsing through a multitude of online quotes and discounted car shipping deals. Figure out the type of auto you are shipping, since this can affect your quote as also the transit times. Be sure to check out the fine print on shipping contracts for hidden fees and clauses, and inquire about their insurance coverage.

These days most the car transport companies offer door-to-door service where all you provide is the pick-up and delivery location and dates. Be sure to also ask for estimated transit times. Most professional movers offer tracking facilities, so even if your delivery date is missed you know your car is in safe hands. Don’t forget to ask for an inspection report upon delivery, and ensure that the report notes the actual condition the vehicle reaches you. In case of evident inconsistencies between the report and the delivered vehicle, be sure to take the truck driver’s signature for damage reimbursement or insurance claims as appropriate.

Be prudent and go for a dependable carrier who can be trusted with your valuable possession. All things considered, it is money well spent.

How to Get Good Customer Service in Car Transport

Two key factors in auto transport carriers are price and service. Finding car carriers that offers both is not such an easy task. If you have to pick just one, make sure you go for service. When it comes to service, there are only a few carriers who can say without a doubt that they are reliable, trustworthy and care about their customers.

Why is service so important? Because the cheapest rate can mean the company is using practices to transport your car that you may not be so happy about. They may be contracting to smaller carriers who don’t really care about what happens after they drop off the car. Smaller contracts mean another person in the mix when you are trying to sort out any problems with the transport.

What level of expectation should you have in customer service? Good car transport companies pick up your car and give you a chance to inspect it with the driver for any damage. This ensures that you can trust the carrier you are working with.

Reputable companies keep their appointments. They will be there to pick up your car when scheduled because they want you to be there so there are no questions later about any damage that might happen to your car during transport. Good customer service means developing that sense of trust so there are fewer problems if any damage does occur during transport.

Tracking is another that helps you build trust with a car transport company. You can go online and find out where your car is during the trip. This kind of communication puts you at ease and lets you know you have a carrier that does provide the level of service you expect.

You truly get what you pay for in auto transport. If you choose your car transport carrier based just on the rate, you may not be making the best choice.

Shipping vs. Driving

Most people are probably wondering, “why would I ship my car? I can just drive it! Shipping just seems so expensive.” A reasonable question, sure, but the costs that go into driving your vehicle are rather costly. Let's assume that you need to move across the country, from Grand Rapids, MI to Houston, TX. The trip itself takes about 20 hours of driving time, straight. That just isn't safe to drive all at once, so you'll need to stop for a night, halfway through. That adds on a hotel expense. Plus, you're going to have to eat at, which can get expensive. Not to mention, the sheer time expense involved. You spend two whole days, just traveling, to get your car to it's final destination. It's a dangerous gamble. Also, factor in the cost of gas. It's 1200 miles, and assuming your car gets 22 miles to the gallon, that's about 55 gallons of gas. And at the current price of $2.64 per gallon, you're talking about another $144 in fuel costs alone. The price keeps rising as more factors get added in. When you ship your vehicle, you can have the peace of mind that your car is making it's way to the destination, safely. And since you're not having to travel with it, you can take care of other business necessary for your move. You would let other people handle moving your other possessions, why not do the same for your car? It's efficient, in cost and in value.

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A Tesla IPO?

There might be a market for some of those old Dubai cars; they had severe flooding in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on Wednesday; at least 3000 cars were swept away in the flooding per this Saudi Gazette article. That is very surprising, since we usually think of Saudi Arabia as a desert, but even desert areas occasionally get rain; when they do, flooding often occurs.

What probably got this piece on my radar was the article quoting a ground vehicle transport company manager, who noted that business was essentially stopped in Jeddah.

That’s going to mean that about $60 million in cars will be heading to Jeddah if those cars need to be replaced. That’s a big chunk of change, especially if people are paying for replacement cars out-of-pocket, since there is no requirement for car insurance in Saudi Arabia; traditional Islamic thought leans against insurance as much as some corners of Christian thought do, assuming that God and society will help the folks in need.

You might see a few extra shiploads of cars heading towards Jeddah in the weeks to come, as many of those cars will have to be replaced. There will also be a big increase in parts for the damaged cars, as electrical systems have a tendency to get damaged in flooding.

Saudi Arabia is an interesting critter; they have a lot of modern development yet their nomadic Muslim roots make some corners of their society rather backward; the lack of insurance coverage points out one of many areas where they haven’t fully engaged western economic values.

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New Way to Find a Better Price for Shipping Goods

Customers needing to ship a vehicle, or just about anything they need shipped, can list their goods on an on line site where carriers take a look at the goods customers need shipped and then make an offer based on the extra cargo space they have that’s not filled. Uship is an on line service that allows customers to save time by not having to make a whole list of phone calls to find the best deal for moving their goods. Instead the carriers bid on the available cargo customers need shipped and the customer decides on which deal is best for them from the available bids.

Apparently, you only need to list your vehicle on the site, decide on the best bid for your job based on the available bids, and then contact the carrier you want to deliver your car and complete the transaction.
This service provides another way for shipping companies to find additional work and fill up the cargo space that was going to sit empty, while making additional revenue at the same time. Large-scale moving and transport companies that have the ability to instantly give a quote on the price of shipping cargo can get more business and increase the visibility of their firm by using this service and with the current depressed situation in the moving industry this is a plus. Registering for this service gives shippers access to more work and increases their visibility in the moving market place and gives customers the ability to find a company to move their goods based on geographic location and the reviews of past customers. Firms can build up a resume of great contacts and reviews of customers they have transported goods for and increase the reputation of their company as they complete each job.

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Three Reasons to Ship Your Car When You Move, Minimize Hassles and Frustration

Long distance moves, especially moving to another state, is no small feat. Coordinating efforts to get all of your property organized, packed and shipped is a massive undertaking. It’s not like you can just turn around and run back to the old house if you forget something. Smart movers eliminate as many obstacles to a smooth move as possible. One thing that can make your move goes more smoothly is to have your car shipped.

Once a service reserved for car dealerships and auto manufacturers, auto shipping is becoming a popular service for movers looking to minimize frustrations during their moves. Some families ship all their vehicles, including motorcycles, boats and other recreational motor conveyances.

Shipping your car is especially useful if you elect to drive a rented moving van yourself. Pulling your car behind you in a box truck that is unfamiliar to you is a recipe for trouble. Factors like wind, road curves, wet roads and other hazards can cause the towed car to swerve, pulling the rental truck all over the road. Its simply safer to ship a car.

Having a second driver operate the car behind you makes for a lonely drive. And communicating by phone with the other driver is dangerous, even illegal in some states. Shipping your car lets you both relax as you travel together to your new home, knowing your car will be there for you when you arrive.

If you have a second family car, towing isn't an option and getting two extra drivers is likely to be difficult. In this instance, auto shipping is a no-brainer. Transporting your car by auto transport companies means you only have to worry about the moving truck. The convenience of having your vehicles delivered to your destination makes the entire moving process easier and less stressful.

Truck Companies, A Brief Overview

Semi-trailer trucks are the largest vehicles on the road. Carrying anything from cars to food and more, they are the red blood cells of America. But what kinds of trucks are there, and who makes them? We'll go over a couple of the manufacturers of trucks.

First, we have Kenworth. This company was established in 1912, under the name Gerlinger Motor Car Works. They were actually the first company to come up with the Cab-Over-Engine style of trucks, first designed in 1957.

Next is Peterbilt, based in Denton, Texas. This company was founded in 1939, by T.A. Peterman. It is worth noting that in the 2007 film Transformers, the Peterbilt model 379 is the body style used for Optimus Prime.

From Greensboro, North Carolina comes Mack Trucks, one of the most famous manufacturers of semi-trucks to date. The company was acquired by AB Volvo in 2001, although the company itself was founded in 1900. Mack also used to make many fire-fighting vehicles, including pumpers, tankers, and rescue trucks. That division was shut down in 1990, although many fire departments still use their vehicles today.

Freightliner Trucks, of Portland, Oregon, is the next big name on the list. Founded in 1942 as Freightliner, Inc., the company is now a part of Daimler Auto Group. Freightliner is the largest brand in heavy-duty trucks in the United States.

Now that you have a basic look of the trucks on the road, make sure you give such large vehicles the respect that they deserve. They transport much of the goods that are used, and keep America working hard.

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Monday, November 30, 2009

Dubai Dubai Doo, A War on Clunkers in the Gulf

One of the international news items of the day is the pending debt default of Dubai World, a large state-owned development company in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai has become the financial and economy hub of the Persian Gulf area and has plenty of high-rollers. Dubai’s royal family is a major player in the horse-racing industry and are welcome guests in Lexington when they open up their pockets at the Keeneland horse sales.

If Dubai World is about to go Chapter 11 (or whatever the UAE equivalent is), what might that mean for Dubai’s high rollers and their demand for US cars?

When I checked on Dubai’s market for vintage cars, news of an interesting law came onto the screen; cars older than 20 years can’t get plates as of January 2009 unless they are classic or vintage vehicles and 15 year old cars will be given that treatment in 2010. No Cash for Clunkers here.

What it might mean is that Dubai will likely becoming a major exporter of older cars. Poorer nearby countries such as Iraq or India might be the recipients of those retired clunkers; there will be some shipping opportunities there.

Dubai might also be an increased importer of both new and vintage cars as the older cars get phased out; Dubai has a very young fleet of cars, with the average age is 5.6 years, so there aren’t as many old cars as we’d have in the US where the average age is 8 years.

If the high rollers in Dubai want something from the 20th Century, they may have to get into the international classic car market. The question will be whether they can continue to afford it.

Stay safe and ship you car with honest auto transport companies.

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Freight Transport

Whether you are redesigning your current home or renovating a new one, building and decorating supplies can be limited in your area. If you are looking for a classy way to jazz up your kitchen  or giving your new investment a makeover, you may find more luck in products not established in your country or area.

If you do plan on ordering supplies from another country, a safe idea would to look into the companies locations. If your manufacturer is based out of Italy, try to see if they have an office or distributor in the area you live in. Ordering from the base company, but having it shipped straight to the distributor can save you money and freight times.

Chances are, if you want Tuscan clay tiles, e.g, your best bet would be to actually obtain them from Tuscany. Original pieces like that are usually higher in quality and durability. You can get nearly all the materials you need from a different country by having them sent to a local or, at least near, office. That way, you can have the original materials you desire, but don't have to pay an arm and a leg in time and money to get them.

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Shipping a Car across Country, shipping a car

People all across the country have plenty of reasons for having to ship a car from one corner of the country to another. Those reasons can include moving to a new state, needing a car during a vacation without using a rental, or selling your car on your own to someone across the time zones. If you need to ship your car across the country, it will take the same amount of time as if you were driving it yourself but the weather conditions and road construction can cause your car to arrive across country after you have already gotten there.

Make sure that you do not hire just any car shipping companies to move your car across the country because they might not be as reputable as they say they are. Check your top five choices with your local Better Business Bureau to make sure that they have not had any complaints filed against them in recent months. Once you choose the company best for you, make sure that they have an insurance policy. Ask the company if there is a deductible to pay and always ask for a copy of the insurance policy.

Once the date arrives for the company to pick up your vehicle, watch the mover carefully to make sure that he or she does not roughly handle your vehicle. Also, the person moving the vehicle should fill out a report that details the condition of your vehicle at the time of pick up. Get a copy of that report and take it with you on your trip. When your car arrives, check every inch of it for any new damage and then report it to the auto shipping company.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Home Away From Home, shipping your car ahead of you

Thinking of traveling for at least a week somewhere in the US? Why not ship your car there and save the added rental car fees? Car shipping your own personal vehicle to another state is a lot more economical that you think.

I remember driving to Florida a while ago, and instead of trying to stay awake for the 12 hour drive, I shipped my car to Tampa, and rode a train down to meet it. I got to relax, eat at my leisure, watch a movie and walk around, while my car spent the day tucked into a safe and secure trailer, avoiding all the bugs, stones, and traffic tickets.

Once there, the auto transport companies arranged to have my car delivered to me, so I never missed a beat. As far as I am concerned, this is the only way to travel long distances. I get the rest I needed, without the hustle and bustle of airports and being cramped into a small space for 12-14 hours, and I did it all for a little less money, too.

If you need to travel this season, check out a reputable auto transport company and see how to take the edge off your trip. There is something about being in your own car, in a different city, that makes you feel like you own the place. Instead of just visiting, go live there for a week, or however long you plan on staying. And make sure you do it in your own home away from home.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Shipping a car, All the factors involved in shipping car

Your car is your most precious asset, may be after your house, so you are naturally very careful when it comes shipping the care. And, you know that car shipping companies transport the car for you, but which one to select?

There are many car shipping companies offering extensive services to move your car-both inland and overseas. First, get car shipping quotes from as many companies as possible. But wait, if there is fees for getting quotes forget it and move on to another company.
There are different types of car shipping like Roll on roll off, Container shipping and car transporter

Roll on Roll off (RORO)
Here the car is driven into the ship and fastened using sturdy straps. This is the method used by many car companies to ship their new cars as the car remains dry and clean. This method is cheap but you won’t be able to ship personal effects inside the car.

Container shipping
You have probably seen this type of container in movies. Yes, the car chase usually ends here. In container shipping, the cars are strapped to the floor of the container which is then moved to the ship. This is method of transport is faster and you can ship personal effects too.

Car transporter
For inland and interstate transport this is the best as Vehicle carriers move the cars. Also, door collection and delivery is possible.
What else? Always check for additional services available-without additional costs- and read the rules carefully before selecting the shipping company. Even after registering with a car shipping company, there may be delays so check the delivery date, car insurance, pick-up point beforehand and get an inspection report from the company with all the above particulars.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tips for Hassle Free Auto Transportation

To ensure that transportation of your vehicle goes smoothly there are a few guidelines that you should follow. Give the auto transport company a contact number where you can easily be reached. This will make the process a lot easier. If you are moving and are in between homes and work it is important to have another number where you can be contacted.

Make a note of all the details of your vehicle and communicate these to the auto transport company. If there are any changes to the vehicle that may hinder the transport process make sure that the company is aware of these. If there are any special additions that you have made to your vehicle you should remove them if you can or at least ensure that the additional items are secure. You should also ensure that your vehicle is in running order as when the auto transport companies comes to pick up your car if it is not in running order this will create additional hassles. Check that your battery is fitted securely.

It is essential to ensure that the ground clearance of your vehicle is valid. You should also check that the height of your vehicle does not exceed the limit specified by the auto transport company.

Alarm systems should be deactivated before the car shipping company collects your vehicle. The auto transport company should be given all the devices and keys that are needed to start your vehicle. Another helpful tip is that your vehicle should not have a full tank of fuel as this adds weight to the vehicle and can increase the cost of transport depending on what method you are using.

Make sure that you have removed all your personal possessions from the vehicle. It is important not to leave anything valuable in the vehicle as this is not covered by insurance.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Low Price vs Reputation in Car Transport

When you are choosing or working with an auto transport company, reputation is always more important than who has the cheapest rate. You can research the companies online and you will see a wide variety of ratings and rates from transport companies. Do not be tempted to run with the cheapest vehicle transport company. Make sure you work only with companies that are reputable. A good auto transport company will pick up and drop off your car door-to-door rather than terminal-to-terminal. In addition, when they do pick up your car they will do it during the time that you have planned. A good car transport company uses drivers that are friendly and usually owner operators. These are drivers that own their own transport carriers and therefore take pride in what they do. You expect your car to arrive on time and in good condition, and a good vehicle transport company will see that it does. If you are worried about where your car is at any time during shipping, a good company will provide you with up to date tracking and status reports. Communication and services being very important.

You get what you pay for in auto transport. If you choose your auto transport company based primarily on rate, you can expect to lose the level of service you need. So do your research before going with ("we will beat any deal"). Those companies usually are cheap for a reason. They are usually not very reputable companies and need the low rate just to book the deal. Good luck with them doing what they said in the initial call.

Just like any other service or product, there are always cheaper options. And normally the cheaper option usually ends up breaking soon after the purchase or the service does not live up to your expectations. So, actually spending the extra on the first go round can save you money in the long run.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Buying a Car on eBay

Buying a car on eBay is no small venture. It's a careful process that you have to be dedicated to.

First, obviously, is deciding on what kind of car you want to purchase. Be it a 2009 Chevy Cobalt or a 1971 Yugo, you can find nearly any car you want if you're willing to search for it. Once you've narrowed your search down, pick out a car from the listings and read the description. Be wary of hot advertising terms that can lure you in. Now comes the harder parts of the search. If you've decided on one car that you think is right, do a background check on the car's VIN, or Vehicle Identification Number. You want to make sure that the car isn't hot property, and isn't a lemon. When communicating with the seller, make sure any agreements or promises you get are in writing. Oral agreements, in a bad situation, simply turn into "he said, she said". Make sure you understand the terms of buying a car on eBay as well. Whenever you actually bid, you're entered into a contract, and most cars are sold with no promise of fixing minor or even major problems. Make sure you have the car inspected. If you live close enough to the seller, you could arrange to have it inspected yourself. However, to truly have it inspected right, have a certified mechanic take a look at it. They'll be able to know if anything is fishy. Finally, if you decide to bid on a car, after following all these steps, and win it, once it is shipped to it's destination, make sure you check the VIN. Make sure it matches the one you originally received. That way, you can know if you got taken for a ride, and can follow the steps necessary to take action.

Happy bidding!

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Tips on Choosing a Car Hauling Company, Reliability, Inssurance, Cost

People use car delivery companies for several reasons. Car buyers can get a great deal from an online auction on a car 3,000 miles away if they have a car hauling company to rely on. Retirees would rather fly than drive south for the winter, but they still need to drive when they get there. Then there are luxury and classic car owners with cars that are simply too valuable to risk driving long distances. Especially with expensive cars, choosing a reliable car hauling company is important. By looking for a few key elements, you can be sure to choose a company that will take great care of your vehicle.

First off, reliability is important. This means you want to know how long the company has been in business under its current name. Ask if the company ever did business under any other name. Go online and search for customer feedback on the shipping company under current and past names. Be wary of any company that repeatedly turns up with negative comments.

Insurance is important when choosing an enclosed transport carrier too. Be sure the company is bonded and insured. Check that they carry insurance for any damage to your car from shipping. When you ask if the carrier has insurance, ask what kind and how much and get a copy of the insurance certificate verifying coverage.

Car shipping pricing should be your last concern when choosing a company. While affordability is important, it is much more important that your car reach its destination undamaged and on time.

Friday, November 20, 2009


Graduating high school or college, or if it’s a summer or spring break my friends and I always shouted ‘BACKPACK!’ Do you ever relive those days when you would plan a trip to Europe with your close buddies, the itch to spend those bucks you’d earned in months and just unwind with no worries like a newborn. Those were the days! Then you probably also remembered packing for the venture, planning for the hotel/ lodging arrangements, getting the airport tickets and Euro-rail transports. Then you had to factor in the local food and shopping budget. It always comes out to be more than you budgeted for. Well fortunately here’s a solution easy on the pocket. Have an auto transport company ship your car. Imagine you and your friends all in one car driving in Europe - the hilly mountains, exotic landscape, the cute the crisp smell of fresh air while you zoom in your very own car! Yes, it is that simple. It’s not only the inexpensive but a lot more fun than arranging for a local transport. With Car Transport, we only ask for the pickup and delivery locations. So the moment you reach your destination, your mode of transport will be waiting for you. All you have to do is hop in and enjoy the ride.

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