Monday, November 30, 2009

Dubai Dubai Doo, A War on Clunkers in the Gulf

One of the international news items of the day is the pending debt default of Dubai World, a large state-owned development company in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai has become the financial and economy hub of the Persian Gulf area and has plenty of high-rollers. Dubai’s royal family is a major player in the horse-racing industry and are welcome guests in Lexington when they open up their pockets at the Keeneland horse sales.

If Dubai World is about to go Chapter 11 (or whatever the UAE equivalent is), what might that mean for Dubai’s high rollers and their demand for US cars?

When I checked on Dubai’s market for vintage cars, news of an interesting law came onto the screen; cars older than 20 years can’t get plates as of January 2009 unless they are classic or vintage vehicles and 15 year old cars will be given that treatment in 2010. No Cash for Clunkers here.

What it might mean is that Dubai will likely becoming a major exporter of older cars. Poorer nearby countries such as Iraq or India might be the recipients of those retired clunkers; there will be some shipping opportunities there.

Dubai might also be an increased importer of both new and vintage cars as the older cars get phased out; Dubai has a very young fleet of cars, with the average age is 5.6 years, so there aren’t as many old cars as we’d have in the US where the average age is 8 years.

If the high rollers in Dubai want something from the 20th Century, they may have to get into the international classic car market. The question will be whether they can continue to afford it.

Stay safe and ship you car with honest auto transport companies.

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Freight Transport

Whether you are redesigning your current home or renovating a new one, building and decorating supplies can be limited in your area. If you are looking for a classy way to jazz up your kitchen  or giving your new investment a makeover, you may find more luck in products not established in your country or area.

If you do plan on ordering supplies from another country, a safe idea would to look into the companies locations. If your manufacturer is based out of Italy, try to see if they have an office or distributor in the area you live in. Ordering from the base company, but having it shipped straight to the distributor can save you money and freight times.

Chances are, if you want Tuscan clay tiles, e.g, your best bet would be to actually obtain them from Tuscany. Original pieces like that are usually higher in quality and durability. You can get nearly all the materials you need from a different country by having them sent to a local or, at least near, office. That way, you can have the original materials you desire, but don't have to pay an arm and a leg in time and money to get them.

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Shipping a Car across Country, shipping a car

People all across the country have plenty of reasons for having to ship a car from one corner of the country to another. Those reasons can include moving to a new state, needing a car during a vacation without using a rental, or selling your car on your own to someone across the time zones. If you need to ship your car across the country, it will take the same amount of time as if you were driving it yourself but the weather conditions and road construction can cause your car to arrive across country after you have already gotten there.

Make sure that you do not hire just any car shipping companies to move your car across the country because they might not be as reputable as they say they are. Check your top five choices with your local Better Business Bureau to make sure that they have not had any complaints filed against them in recent months. Once you choose the company best for you, make sure that they have an insurance policy. Ask the company if there is a deductible to pay and always ask for a copy of the insurance policy.

Once the date arrives for the company to pick up your vehicle, watch the mover carefully to make sure that he or she does not roughly handle your vehicle. Also, the person moving the vehicle should fill out a report that details the condition of your vehicle at the time of pick up. Get a copy of that report and take it with you on your trip. When your car arrives, check every inch of it for any new damage and then report it to the auto shipping company.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Home Away From Home, shipping your car ahead of you

Thinking of traveling for at least a week somewhere in the US? Why not ship your car there and save the added rental car fees? Car shipping your own personal vehicle to another state is a lot more economical that you think.

I remember driving to Florida a while ago, and instead of trying to stay awake for the 12 hour drive, I shipped my car to Tampa, and rode a train down to meet it. I got to relax, eat at my leisure, watch a movie and walk around, while my car spent the day tucked into a safe and secure trailer, avoiding all the bugs, stones, and traffic tickets.

Once there, the auto transport companies arranged to have my car delivered to me, so I never missed a beat. As far as I am concerned, this is the only way to travel long distances. I get the rest I needed, without the hustle and bustle of airports and being cramped into a small space for 12-14 hours, and I did it all for a little less money, too.

If you need to travel this season, check out a reputable auto transport company and see how to take the edge off your trip. There is something about being in your own car, in a different city, that makes you feel like you own the place. Instead of just visiting, go live there for a week, or however long you plan on staying. And make sure you do it in your own home away from home.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Shipping a car, All the factors involved in shipping car

Your car is your most precious asset, may be after your house, so you are naturally very careful when it comes shipping the care. And, you know that car shipping companies transport the car for you, but which one to select?

There are many car shipping companies offering extensive services to move your car-both inland and overseas. First, get car shipping quotes from as many companies as possible. But wait, if there is fees for getting quotes forget it and move on to another company.
There are different types of car shipping like Roll on roll off, Container shipping and car transporter

Roll on Roll off (RORO)
Here the car is driven into the ship and fastened using sturdy straps. This is the method used by many car companies to ship their new cars as the car remains dry and clean. This method is cheap but you won’t be able to ship personal effects inside the car.

Container shipping
You have probably seen this type of container in movies. Yes, the car chase usually ends here. In container shipping, the cars are strapped to the floor of the container which is then moved to the ship. This is method of transport is faster and you can ship personal effects too.

Car transporter
For inland and interstate transport this is the best as Vehicle carriers move the cars. Also, door collection and delivery is possible.
What else? Always check for additional services available-without additional costs- and read the rules carefully before selecting the shipping company. Even after registering with a car shipping company, there may be delays so check the delivery date, car insurance, pick-up point beforehand and get an inspection report from the company with all the above particulars.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tips for Hassle Free Auto Transportation

To ensure that transportation of your vehicle goes smoothly there are a few guidelines that you should follow. Give the auto transport company a contact number where you can easily be reached. This will make the process a lot easier. If you are moving and are in between homes and work it is important to have another number where you can be contacted.

Make a note of all the details of your vehicle and communicate these to the auto transport company. If there are any changes to the vehicle that may hinder the transport process make sure that the company is aware of these. If there are any special additions that you have made to your vehicle you should remove them if you can or at least ensure that the additional items are secure. You should also ensure that your vehicle is in running order as when the auto transport companies comes to pick up your car if it is not in running order this will create additional hassles. Check that your battery is fitted securely.

It is essential to ensure that the ground clearance of your vehicle is valid. You should also check that the height of your vehicle does not exceed the limit specified by the auto transport company.

Alarm systems should be deactivated before the car shipping company collects your vehicle. The auto transport company should be given all the devices and keys that are needed to start your vehicle. Another helpful tip is that your vehicle should not have a full tank of fuel as this adds weight to the vehicle and can increase the cost of transport depending on what method you are using.

Make sure that you have removed all your personal possessions from the vehicle. It is important not to leave anything valuable in the vehicle as this is not covered by insurance.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Low Price vs Reputation in Car Transport

When you are choosing or working with an auto transport company, reputation is always more important than who has the cheapest rate. You can research the companies online and you will see a wide variety of ratings and rates from transport companies. Do not be tempted to run with the cheapest vehicle transport company. Make sure you work only with companies that are reputable. A good auto transport company will pick up and drop off your car door-to-door rather than terminal-to-terminal. In addition, when they do pick up your car they will do it during the time that you have planned. A good car transport company uses drivers that are friendly and usually owner operators. These are drivers that own their own transport carriers and therefore take pride in what they do. You expect your car to arrive on time and in good condition, and a good vehicle transport company will see that it does. If you are worried about where your car is at any time during shipping, a good company will provide you with up to date tracking and status reports. Communication and services being very important.

You get what you pay for in auto transport. If you choose your auto transport company based primarily on rate, you can expect to lose the level of service you need. So do your research before going with ("we will beat any deal"). Those companies usually are cheap for a reason. They are usually not very reputable companies and need the low rate just to book the deal. Good luck with them doing what they said in the initial call.

Just like any other service or product, there are always cheaper options. And normally the cheaper option usually ends up breaking soon after the purchase or the service does not live up to your expectations. So, actually spending the extra on the first go round can save you money in the long run.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Buying a Car on eBay

Buying a car on eBay is no small venture. It's a careful process that you have to be dedicated to.

First, obviously, is deciding on what kind of car you want to purchase. Be it a 2009 Chevy Cobalt or a 1971 Yugo, you can find nearly any car you want if you're willing to search for it. Once you've narrowed your search down, pick out a car from the listings and read the description. Be wary of hot advertising terms that can lure you in. Now comes the harder parts of the search. If you've decided on one car that you think is right, do a background check on the car's VIN, or Vehicle Identification Number. You want to make sure that the car isn't hot property, and isn't a lemon. When communicating with the seller, make sure any agreements or promises you get are in writing. Oral agreements, in a bad situation, simply turn into "he said, she said". Make sure you understand the terms of buying a car on eBay as well. Whenever you actually bid, you're entered into a contract, and most cars are sold with no promise of fixing minor or even major problems. Make sure you have the car inspected. If you live close enough to the seller, you could arrange to have it inspected yourself. However, to truly have it inspected right, have a certified mechanic take a look at it. They'll be able to know if anything is fishy. Finally, if you decide to bid on a car, after following all these steps, and win it, once it is shipped to it's destination, make sure you check the VIN. Make sure it matches the one you originally received. That way, you can know if you got taken for a ride, and can follow the steps necessary to take action.

Happy bidding!

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Tips on Choosing a Car Hauling Company, Reliability, Inssurance, Cost

People use car delivery companies for several reasons. Car buyers can get a great deal from an online auction on a car 3,000 miles away if they have a car hauling company to rely on. Retirees would rather fly than drive south for the winter, but they still need to drive when they get there. Then there are luxury and classic car owners with cars that are simply too valuable to risk driving long distances. Especially with expensive cars, choosing a reliable car hauling company is important. By looking for a few key elements, you can be sure to choose a company that will take great care of your vehicle.

First off, reliability is important. This means you want to know how long the company has been in business under its current name. Ask if the company ever did business under any other name. Go online and search for customer feedback on the shipping company under current and past names. Be wary of any company that repeatedly turns up with negative comments.

Insurance is important when choosing an enclosed transport carrier too. Be sure the company is bonded and insured. Check that they carry insurance for any damage to your car from shipping. When you ask if the carrier has insurance, ask what kind and how much and get a copy of the insurance certificate verifying coverage.

Car shipping pricing should be your last concern when choosing a company. While affordability is important, it is much more important that your car reach its destination undamaged and on time.

Friday, November 20, 2009


Graduating high school or college, or if it’s a summer or spring break my friends and I always shouted ‘BACKPACK!’ Do you ever relive those days when you would plan a trip to Europe with your close buddies, the itch to spend those bucks you’d earned in months and just unwind with no worries like a newborn. Those were the days! Then you probably also remembered packing for the venture, planning for the hotel/ lodging arrangements, getting the airport tickets and Euro-rail transports. Then you had to factor in the local food and shopping budget. It always comes out to be more than you budgeted for. Well fortunately here’s a solution easy on the pocket. Have an auto transport company ship your car. Imagine you and your friends all in one car driving in Europe - the hilly mountains, exotic landscape, the cute the crisp smell of fresh air while you zoom in your very own car! Yes, it is that simple. It’s not only the inexpensive but a lot more fun than arranging for a local transport. With Car Transport, we only ask for the pickup and delivery locations. So the moment you reach your destination, your mode of transport will be waiting for you. All you have to do is hop in and enjoy the ride.

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What is that Car Carrying Colossus?

Every time I travel from Houston to San Antonio, I always notice trucks much larger than my little car driving along side me, but the one machine that always catches my interest is the car carrier. Car haulers are essentially a series of flat beds stacked in such a fashion that each holds a single car in place for the duration of a transport. Each bed is tilted in such a fashion that in the rare chance of something actually happening to the vehicle, little no harm would actually come to the item in question. Each vehicle is individually mounted in a secure and balanced fashion to restrict movement, keeping it from slipping and sliding onto the road before they reach their destination. They're a comparatively cheap and efficient solution to multi-car transport. While it's technically an exposed carrier, each car can be fitted with what is essentially a car rain-poncho, which will protect it from natural precipitation.

When you're out on the road, passing one of these behemoths, keep in mind how useful, how safe, and most importantly how money-saving the titan can be. And remember, even if it looks like one could come crashing down on you, they really are safely mounted down, and the person driving the transport is a well-trained individual, who is well-aware of what they're doing.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Easing your Shipping Worries

Most people are pretty frightened at the prospect of paying out the nose through the internet, and many of us have enough horror stories to tell about fraudulent credit card charges as the result of them. Despite the history and the frightening times before, there's always the allure of an online auction for that black 1969 Firebird you've always dreamed of, with the smooth rounded contours meeting at fine hard angles. And it's really not a bad deal!

Say you indulge your interests, and you pay all that money for a chance at the dream. That beast of a machine is in some guy's garage in Atlanta, not parked outside your flat in San Diego! Sure, you could fly across the country and drive that car back, but think of the costs you're putting on those antiquated wheels. Relax you online entrepreneur, you, there's a better alternative.

To ship your car from seller to buyer, use a trusted auto transport company! A good company will offer you all the options you need for a cost effective and safe transport. Decide whether it's best for your car to be in a single enclose carrier to save it from the weather, or save your wallet and party up with a truck trailer carrying other vehicles to a similar destination. Another money saving method would be to have the car transported terminal-to-terminal, in which you personally must pick up your delivery from the incoming terminal. Can't get there? Most companies also offer door-to-door services, saving you the time and effort.

The next time you're eying up a deal online, don't let the shipping part worry you so much. Just rely on the specialists to make sure your car gets from there to you.

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What is car shipping?

Car shipping – in simple terms – is the act of transporting a car from one location to another. However, the process could turn out to be a pain if not done properly. There are many choices and options that the customer has to make wisely while choosing the auto transport company. Here’s a simple breakdown of the car shipping process options. The most basic choice starts off with the idea of shipping your car on an open carrier, or in an enclosed carrier. Open carriers are giant trucks with six to ten slots for vehicles. The chances of getting your car damaged are high in an open trailer. Therefore, companies provide the option of enclosed trailers so that when your car is loaded into a trailer it is protected from all kinds of hazards and threats during the shipment. Another option in car shipping is door-to-door shipping or terminal-to-terminal shipping, and we’ll break that down for you. Door-to-door shipping is when the truck will pick up your vehicle straight from your house, regardless of where you live. With terminal-to-terminal shipping, you drop your car off at an open lot, and leave your car there until a truck can come pick it up. This could sometimes take up to months.

Car shipping is a fairly simple and fast process, if the right choices are made while choosing your shipper. Summary: choose an open, door-to-door shipping process. Also check the companies out for their reliability, awards, and BBB ratings before finalizing on a company.

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