Thursday, June 28, 2012

One of your most Valuable Possessions needs the right Caretaker

Considered to be the second largest purchase in an average person’s life, a vehicle deserves the utmost care and attention.  Some collectors we know have several exotic vehicles and every morning they are out there buffing and polishing till their fingers are raw.   So, if the owner puts that effort and pride into his vehicle, they expect the same type of care from the person moving it for them. 
N-Motion Auto Transport understands the role of a caretaker and provides a service unmatched by their competitors in the car shipping industry.  They go the extra mile to ensure your vehicles safety and that the transport goes as smoothly as possible.  It is N-Motions prerogative to be the caretaker that you are looking for and drives them in providing quality customer service.  They believe that your vehicle is not only a means to get from A to B or even just that baby of yours that you polish every day.  Your vehicle is more like a part of the family, much like the family pet.  Our experienced and licensed drivers provide superior service in transporting your automobile with care.  While shipping your automobile in an enclosed transport, our carriers take great pride in their deliveries and ensure that your car is protected from loading to unloading. 

Let N-Motion Auto Transport show you the quality of service they offer and help you take care of all of your vehicle shipping needs.


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We make it Easy to Ship Your Classic Cars

When it comes to car shipping, N-Motion Auto Transport has never made it easier, especially for classic car owners.  With all of the new technological advancements in the auto transport industry, customers can move their vehicles worry-free.  However, there are a few things that you will want to keep in mind.  Depending on the monetary value of the vehicle, and or the sentimental value, you might want to consider shipping those classic vehicles on an enclosed trailer vs. an open carrier.  The cargo policy on an enclosed carrier is generally much higher due to the caliber of vehicles that are transported on them.  The most important aspect of an enclosed hauler is that your vehicle will not be exposed to the elements, such as rocks, dirt, weather, etc.)  These words have never rang so true; “You pay for what you get!”  So, when you are going around and getting quotes from companies make sure that they can honor that quote and provide you with the quality of service that you deserve.  N-Motion Auto Transport is a group of experts in the vehicle shipping industry and will walk you through the entire process, hassle free. 

For all of your enclosed car shipping and vehicle transport needs, call N-Motion Auto Transport today for hassle free auto shipping rates!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Is it Cost Worthy to Transport my Vehicle Rather than Drive it Myself?

The trend of shipping cars is steadily increasing every day and is much more efficient than incurring the risks that go along with driving a vehicle long distances yourself. If you calculate the costs of gas, food, wear and tear on the vehicle, hotel accommodations, airfare back to your destination, and the time spent planning & driving, you will see the benefits of shipping with N-Motion Auto Transport.  The last thing you need to remember when deciding whether or not to ship your vehicle is the most important of them all, your safety. 

Just think, if you are driving a long distance that you have not ever driven before, you might get stuck on some random back roads and could possibly lose cell phone signal.  To add to that, imagine your car breaking down in the middle of nowhere or you getting in an accident. 

Car shipping is the safe alternative to putting your own life in danger, or others for that matter.  Drivers of these car carriers are professionals with years and years of experience, so leave the long haul to the pros.

For all of your college auto transport and corporate relocation needs, call N-Motion Auto Transport for hassle free auto shipping rates.


Car Shipping and the Transport Insurance

It is very pertinent that when choosing your auto transport company, make sure that they have the appropriate cargo insurance.  Not all carriers hold the same insurance as each other, so you have to match the value of all of the vehicles on the load.  Just because they are licensed and bonded does not mean that they have the proper cargo coverage.   The range of insurance for car carriers is anywhere from $25,000 to $1,000,000, depending on the types of vehicles that they prefer to haul.  

For example, if the carrier has a more expensive enclosed trailer, he is more likely to haul high-end exotic vehicles, classic cars, or show cars.  These vehicles are higher in value than your average sedan, so the insurance needs to be a larger amount.

In the event of any damage to the vehicle at delivery, the insurance will cover the full cost of the loss. The glory of selecting a good car shipping broker like N-Motion Auto Transport, you won’t ever have to worry about all of this because we do extensive background checks on each and every truck, making sure that they maintain proper paperwork and equipment. 

For all of your college auto transport and car shipping needs, call N-Motion Auto Transport for hassle free auto shipping rates.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Is it better to purchase a vehicle locally or out of state?

There are many pros and cons in purchasing a vehicle both in state and out of state.  Some markets are a little more favorable than others depending on the year, make, model, and vehicle type.  There is as much as $3,000.00 to $6,000.00 difference in pricing on several vehicles, new and used, from one sector of the region to another.  Dealerships make it easy for out of state buyers to purchase online and they provide the necessary documentation for auto transport so that you won’t have to pay the state tax where the vehicle was acquired.  Once the vehicle is registered within your state, that’s when you would just take care of the DMV fees and sales taxes within your own state.

Hypothetically, if you purchased an out of state vehicle for $30,000.00 (vs. the $33,000.00 local vehicle) and purchased car shipping services for $1000.00, you can already see the $2,000.00 savings.  Not only are you getting an out of state savings, your options are almost endless.   You now can choose the exact color and specific options that you want without that high dollar price tag.  Majority of the time, if you have specifics on what you want, the dealership will probably have to bring the vehicle from another location anyways and you will still have to pay the high dollar for it rather than being diligent and finding the vehicle yourself.

To rid you of any worries about car transport, call N-Motion Auto Transport today and let use ease your mind.  Get hassle free car shipping prices and leave the job to the pros.


A Few Car Care Tips for the Summer

While you should keep your vehicle properly maintained year round to ensure its peak performance, most people tend to forget some things.  So, with that said, we wanted to just give a few reminders for the blistering summer months to reduce complications.
  • Check the radiator for any cracks.  If any coolant is leaking and/or below the necessary level, it can cause the engine to overheat and then many problems would follow that.
  • Brake pads are worn quicker due to the increased heat of the summer, so make sure to keep an eye on them.
  • Make sure to check the timing belts because worn belts can cause the A/C to work poorly and may also increase fuel consumption in order to cool down the vehicles interior.
  • An emergency kit should always be in the vehicle for any unforeseen occurrences.   In the kit should be several items including coolant for the vehicle and bottled water for the driver, in the event of a break down in the middle of nowhere. 
  • Change your oil at the commencement of the summer season so that your vehicle is in good condition throughout the heated months.
  • Always recharge your air conditioning system at the start of summer.  It doesn't cost much and if it’s low on Freon, then the A/C will have to work harder to cool you and the vehicle down.

As long as you follow these few tips for the summer, you can easily beat the heat.  For all of your college auto transport and car shipping needs, call N-Motion Auto Transport for hassle free auto shipping rates.


Monday, June 4, 2012

Cash for Clunkers Program

There has been a high demand for the purchase of older vehicles by dealerships and the government programs.   Not only have auto dealers felt the boost in revenue from the program, but dependable auto shippers have also reported that they have seen an increase in business as well. In 2009, car dealerships didn’t tend to keep much inventory on the lots, while sitting around the 48% mark.  Now, manufacturers are cranking up production with the aim at keeping a 60 day supply on hand.  Car carriers are getting consistent orders from the mass producing manufacturers.   2009 was a rough year for auto carriers because many of them were on the brink of shutting their doors due to lack of business.  Now, things have really turned around and there aren’t enough carriers on the road to facilitate the demand for auto transport

For all of your auto shipping and car transporter needs, call N-Motion Auto Transport today for hassle free car shipping prices!

Transport’s Number One Rule of Thumb – Location, Location, Location

Car Transport is very similar to real estate in the sense that they are both highly reliant upon the location.   Location is key in the auto transport industry because if the vehicle is, say in a national forest on top of a mountain, it will take a little longer to pick up and the price will most surely be higher than if you were needing it picked in the heart of Houston or Los Angeles.  This is always something that you need to consider before booking your vehicle with a car shipping company.  

Car carriers try to make the most economical runs when scheduling an auto shipping appointment.  Just remember, when you are needing to get your vehicle transported, the more time that you give the transport company to work on it, the better the price will be because it gives them more of a chance to exhaust all resources and find the best bang for your buck.