Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fluctuating Average Vehicle Shipping Cost, auto transport, vehicle shipping cost

As per the CentralDispatch Dealer Vehicle Transportation Reports published in April, August, September and October 2009, from Florida to Texas, the average vehicle (used car) shipping cost plummeted to $461 in October 2009 from $630 in March 2009. However, it went up from $506 in May 09 to $527 in August 09 and then fell to $517 in September 09. Texas to Florida, the cost rose from $394 in March 09 to $438 in October 09. In August and September, the cost stood at $478 and $484 respectively. Within Texas, average vehicle shipping cost increased from $199 in March 09 to $208 in the following month and decreased by $8 in May 09. The cost reached $213 in September 09 and slid to $193 in the next month.

From Mar 09 to Oct 09, the cost recorded a decline of more than 26% on Florida to Texas route whereas the cost zoomed up by about 11% on the Texas to Florida route. The average used car shipping cost dropped by 3% within Texas.

The reports cover only vehicle shipping dealers using CentralDispatch that connects carriers and dependable auto shippers. The auto transport sector company, based in California, boasts a centralized database of the US-based licensed interstate car carriers.