Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Auto Shipping your Ferrari

Ferrari's are some of the most luxurious exotic vehicles in the world and they deserve the utmost care when being transported from point A to point B.  N-Motion Auto Transport takes the time to find the perfect customer carrier to carefully get that Ferrari to where it needs to go.

Transport Your Ferrari in an Enclosed Auto Transport
To ensure the Ferrari's absolute safety from wind-blown debris and environmental factors, enclosed auto transport is best form of shipping for these caliber vehicles.  Ferrari's are precious commodities and their caretakers know just that.  N-Motion Auto Transport isn't just one of the best auto transport companies in the nation for no reason.   The time and care put into each enclosed transport reflects upon the company’s solid reputation. 

Hard-Side Transporters Are a Must for Ferrari's
N-Motion Auto Transport can get your car transporters with various different types of trailers, including but not limited to, open auto carriers and enclosed carriers.  Enclosed auto transport trucks can be either hard-side or soft-side trailers. 
  • Hard-side carriers are just that, hard-sided for maximum protection.  These specific carriers utilize lift gates for low ground clearance vehicles, such as a Ferrari.  This option doesn't subject the vehicle to any type of wear and tear during the loading/unloading process.
  • Soft-side carriers feature canvas exterior covering which can allow for dust to enter the cargo area.  These carriers use special ramps to load the vehicles and are not very ideal for low ground clearance vehicles.

N-Motion Auto Transport strongly advises to go with the hard-side transporters to assure your beautiful Ferrari gets to point B in pristine condition.  The lift gates and full enclosure give you the absolute protection while on the long road ahead.

For more information on an enclosed transport, click for a quote or call N-Motion Auto Transport today.