Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Are You Car Shipping Across the Canadian Border?

Starting November 1st  Car Transports Entering Canada Must Submit an eManifest

Ontario, Canada – The paperwork required for truckers vehicle shipping across the border between America and Canada will increase starting November 1st, 2012. Starting on this date, all truckers crossing the border need to submit an eManifest to Canadian border services, (CBSA) at least one hour before arriving at the border. 

The eManifest is designed to help decrease the time it will take you to cross the border by providing the information border officers need to decide whether to let you across the border, quicker than normally possible under the old system.

The CBSA believes the new program will make your job easier and reduce the time you spend waiting at the border. We’ll have to see just how effective it’s, once things get rolling.

If you transport cars for a living and haven’t registered for the new eManifest system, you better start looking into getting signed up. The CBSA currently has around 20,000 carriers registered in their database, but only about 2,000 signed up for the new ACI Manifest program. The deadline for carriers to sign up is only around three weeks away and over 18,000 carriers still need to contact the CBSA to sign up.

Below we list the things truckers providing car shipping services across the border between Canada and America need to know about the eManifest program.

· You can submit your eManifest up to 30 days ahead of your arrival time at the border, provided the information you need to submit is available. Contact the CBSA concerning the exact information you’re required to submit on an eManifest. 

· During the first six months of the new ACI Manifest program the CBSA won’t be applying any monetary penalties to carriers found to be in non-compliance. You could miss out on opportunities like the Partners in Protection and Customs Self-Assessment programs, though, if you haven’t signed up by the deadline.

· If you still use a 77YY temporary carrier code, after November 1st the CBSA will no longer accept the old 77YY temporary carrier code you’re using. You should probably contact the CBSA to talk to somebody about getting a valid carrier code.

· It’s about to become law for all carriers crossing the Canadian and American border to be signed up for the new ACI eManifest program. You can sign up for the program on the official web portal at http://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/prog/manif/portal-portal-eng.html and even connect your firm directly to the CBSA at http://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/eservices/sp-fs/08-eng.html. You can also use a third party service provider to get you set up and ready using http://www.cbsa.asfc.gc.ca/eservices/sp-fs/07-eng.html.

· The CBSA isn’t using the RFID transponder technology currently in use in the United States, which means one of control numbers on your paperwork will need to be barcoded. If you ‘re using a PARS number it will need to be barcoded and write the trip number (CRN-Conveyance Reference Number) at the top of the paperwork you hand to the appropriate officer. 

· The CBSA also recommends carriers sign up for the Release Notification System program, which will send the transaction number to the carrier electronically upon release of the cargo by the customs broker. This program is designed to reduce the number of times carriers need to call the customs broker to see if the cargo has been released.

· Carriers crossing the border between Canada and the United States with empty trucks will still need to supply an eManifest to officials. The only exceptions to this rule are Bobtail tractors and drivers currently part of the FAST (Free and Secure Trade) program.

· CSA carriers that provide auto shipping services are required to submit an ACI eManifest and must send their TCP (Trade Chain Partner) information electronically, rather than using email. This information will include all owner-operators and warehouses you use, which all CSA carriers are required to submit.