Tuesday, October 16, 2012

FMCSA Points out CSA’s Good Points

Auto shipping truckers eager to learn about CSA’s bad points

Oct 16, 2012 – American Trucking Association members have been making noise lately about the need for the FMCSA to provide truckers car shipping with more information concerning the possible negative aspects of the new CSA program.

The ATA recently released a paper showing how the FMCSA has pointed out the benefits of the new CSA program, but would like more information on the possible problems they could meet on the road ahead.

The association believes we should be trying to determine the inherent weaknesses of the new CSA program, so that they can begin making much needed improvements and changes in order to help truckers’ vehicle shipping make their lives and jobs easier.

The paper released by the ATA indicated that the carrier scores in three of the seven CSA categories don’t seem to identify the future accident risks for each driver. They also pointed out that it’s wrong to be making conclusions on the accident risk for each auto shipping driver, using the amount of data currently available for each driver.

The FMCSA hasn’t provided much in the way of comment on the paper released by the ATA, but we can certainly expect the association to seriously take a look at the points they have made. The question at this point is whether truckers will see a more transparent and clearer picture of the road ahead for the trucking industry?